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Sean Payton to File Appeal of Year-Long Suspension Today


Jason La Confora is reporting that our Coach will indeed appeal his suspension today. The deadline for him to get this done is Monday, so it looks like he's getting out ahead of it a little. La Confora says this:

The coach is also expected to seek guidance on the amount of time he will have to prepare his appeal, and attempt to obtain the full reports from NFL Security regarding the bounty evidence against him.

Good for him! You mean he hasn't even been given the full reports on the evidence against him? What kind of banana republic is the league running here? Whatever happens, Who Dat Nation shouldn't think this will buy Payton a lot of extra time. At best, he may get 2-3 extra days that will give he and Mickey Loomis a little more time to chart the direction of the team. Goodell has created such a media firestorm over this that he runs the risk of looking weak if he allows an appeal to drag on. His massive ego won't allow that.