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Fleur-de-Links: Sunday, March 4


Thomas Morstead@thomasmorstead are you going to be running tomorrow in the marathon?" No, thank God

Johnny PatrickGood night....

Johnny PatrickNo club for me tonight

cameron jordan At the end of the day, man up! That is all #justsayin

cameron jordanWit my bro and god bro talkin the good talk... Finances, women, football, who's a better athlete (me...duh!) what we gon do tomorrow

cameron jordanTime to do some push ups 5 weeks away

cameron jordanA week ago I'd b tagging carne asads fries wit my 2 bro's but I'm back on this semi-healthy tip

cameron jordanGeoffrey tried dropping knowledge..."with age comes wisdom" my reply "don't judge me by my age but by my experience!" #boom

cameron jordanI'm back on my church goin flow, got my bible app and my daily verses... Lookin forward to this #riseandgrind bible flow tomorrow night

Mark Ingram Kickin it w @DJ_Franzen out here in #VEGAS!! We Bouta go in!!! U ready @CRogersINC

DJ hess@MalcolmJenkins your a dirty player

Malcolm JenkinsGetting ready for church.... Then a round of Golf with my boy @Harp41 ... Im sure something comical will happen today

JUST BEING ME@MalcolmJenkins since they calling y'all dirty. Just tell em y'all from the dirty south what do they expcet!!!

ProFootballTalkIf NFL gave Gregg Williams a chance to come clean about bounty programs with other teams and he didn't, how does NFL not ban him for life?

cameron jordan#riseandgrind time to get a good stretch in. My hams super sore then off to church

Jonathan VilmaHeat vs lakers...who has the best game wade kobe or lebron?

Judy BattistaAh, good times. RT @adbrandt: One year ago the NFL CBA, set to expire, given a one-week stay of execution. Week didn't help.

Gabe Feldman Legal liability in Bounty-gate? Diff't situation, but NHL'er Steve Moore brought suit vs Bertuzzi,his coach,GM, and the team itself.

Gabe FeldmanBertuzzi then sued his own coach, claiming coach ordered him to take out Moore and should be on the hook for any damages awarded to Moore.

Thomas Morstead#WhoDat

Gabe FeldmanVery diff't sit, but jury awarded Marcus Williams $340,000 after Romanowski punched him in face during practice & broke his eye socket.

Gabe FeldmanBy popular demand, here's the Hackbart case that allowed an NFL player to bring a civil case for a hit during a game.

Thomas MorsteadBeautiful day in #NewOrleans

Gabe FeldmanGreat stuff from @GregABedard on how "fratricide" isn't the only detrimental conduct involved in Bounty-gate.

Gabe FeldmanJohn Chaney asked plyr to "send a msg" to St. Joe's.He fouled out in 4 mins & broke a player's arm.Chaney suspended 3 gms,plyr suspended 0

Thomas Morstead@thomasmorstead Leg, when was the new Twitter profile pic taken?" Sophomore year college

Johnny PatrickWill the heat win the championship this year or the bulls?

Johnny Patrick Live it up.... Why waste your time tryin not to be great?

Thomas MorsteadCheck out this cookie cake I got for my birthday hahaha #theleg

Drew Brees Looking forward to a very relaxing Sunday with Brit and the boys. Watching Spanish lessons with Bowen now. Might be our bilingual child

Conan O'Brien I start every morning with a simple affirmation: I will not murder anyone today.

Thomas Morstead@thomasmorstead is it your birthday today?" Nope, it's actually on Thursday

Johnny PatrickI'm trying to get to Vegas and see this @FloydMayweather fight.. My boy can't be beat.....


A Trip to Bounty-ful

New Orleans Saints can expect harsh penalties in light of bounty system |
James Varney - The NFL won't say if it's investigating other teams for similar practices.

Gregg Williams' style was brash from the outset with the New Orleans Saints |
Jeff Duncan - The Saints needed a change and that's why he was brought in.

Gregg Williams' special way of connecting with players may lead to his downfall - NFL | Yahoo! Sports
Les Carpenter - New Orleans Saints coordinator Gregg Williams' relentless approach garnered the devotion of defenders, though at the expense of crossing the line. (Shout out to FrenchFreak for Fan-shotting this one earlier today.)

New Orleans Case Puts Scrutiny On NFL ''bounty'' Pay - WWL | AM870
Associated Press - For those who suit up, however, it sounded more like the long-accepted cost of doing business in a brutal sport, a dirty little secret that everyone kept on the down low.

Saints' Bounty System and NFL Culture |
Jordan Grove

Video: How big is bounty scandal? - NFC South Blog |
Chris Mortensen discusses the possibility that other teams under Gregg Williams had bounty programs.

Did Manning injury stem from bounty? - NFC South Blog |
Pat Y. - Another day, another potentially ugly twist to the scandal involving the New Orleans Saints and what the NFL says was a "bounty program’’ to provide financial incentives for injuring opponents.


Tag, Drew's It!

New Orleans Saints put the exclusive rights tag on quarterback Drew Brees |
Mike Triplett - The two sides could still reach a long-term deal.

Franchise tag placed on Drew Brees |
The Saints placed an exclusive rights franchise tag on Drew Brees on Saturday, a designation that means that only the Saints can engage in long term contract negotiations with the Pro Bowl quarterback, the club announced.

What Is The 'Franchise Tag'? - WWL | AM870
Jay Vise - We talked to WWL NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the NFL franchise tag, and what it means for the Saints this season.

New Orleans Saints missed a big chance by not signing Drew Brees to a long-term deal |
Peter Finney - A team in need of some good public relations missed a good chance.