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Da Chronic's Offseason Survival Series Podcast: Bountygate Edition


A Double Feature Chronic Podcast this week! In part one (#2 on the playlist), Andrew Juge of The Saints Nation stops by to chat with Ralph Malbrough to try and figure out who Saints fans should be most mad at. Is there anyway the Saints can convince Roger Goodell to show mercy? Andrew also wonders how Bounty Fest is affecting Mickey Loomis' ability to do his job.

For part two (#1 on the playlist), Dave tries to figure out if Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis need to be fired while Kevin wonders if the national media is about to dig up every skeleton in the Saints closet. Does a certain medicine cabinet interest Yahoo Sports? How could the Saints not get a deal done with Drew Brees?

We are your guiding light in the off season from hell.

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Warning: explicit language and adult content.