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Source: Payton, Loomis hearings set for Tuesday in New York

In breaking news, ESPN's super-sleuth Adam Schefter is reporting that Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis will have their bounty sanction appeals heard in the NFL's New York offices on Tuesday, according to a source close to the situation (apparently Schefter knows a guy, a lot of guys).

Schefter also reports that things could move quite rapidly after that.

The appeal process will mirror the in-season player process, which is expedited for competitive reasons. It should be a matter of days, not weeks, with one person saying "a very few days at that."

Here Schefter lays out part of what Payton is seeking through appeal:

Payton has said an advantage to an appeal is it would give him the opportunity for another face-to-face meeting with Goodell, in order to clarify the terms of his suspension. Goodell said Monday that while Payton definitely cannot "coach from home," he would not necessarily be banned from all contact with the team.

Yeah, let's get that cleared up, because we don't want any misunderstandings leading to further sanctioning after the fact...

So, seems like we might know something concrete by the end of this week about things. Are you ready for what may come?