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Fleur-de-Links: Sunday, April 1



Malcolm JenkinsStill love my buckeyes!!!

Mark Ingram This is Brasil!!!!!

Patton OswaltI prefer the term "S***head's Christmas" instead of "April Fool's Day."

Grandmaster Wang Bout to crack open the #EyeblackOdyssey over here.

Lance MooreUnbelievably great night last night! Great times w great people.

Larry HolderThat's fast. Goodell will hear appeals for Payton, Loomis on Tuesday, according to the ESPN graphic on the screen right now.

Albert BreerOne thing I did notice ... New Nike stuff available for 31 teams. Not the Seahawks yet. Their new look comes Tuesday at the launch.

Albert BreerThe NFL expects to hear any/all appeals in the Saints case -- from the team itself, Payton, Loomis, Vitt -- this week.

Jason La CanforaNFL says all appeals in Saints/bounty case will be heard this week. As Commish alluded to, an expedited process.

Albert BreerThe appealing parties all seem to be looking for clarity. Could make expediting appeals tricky, b/c of the volume of information they want.

Albert Breer... One person involved pointed out to me that reviewing a 3-year investigation in a 1-day appeal process might be tough. We'll see.

Albert BreerAlso important to note timetable -- Sean Payton's suspension was set to begin today, which explains league's desire to expedite that 1. ...

Albert Breer... As for others, deadline for team appeal would be the draft, when 1st docked pick comes up. Vitt/Loomis suspension don't start til Aug.

Albert BreerPoor wording on that last tweet. Artificial deadline for a final decision on team's appeal would be draft, b/c of the docked 2nd-round pick.

Grandmaster WangIt begins. Was only a matter of time. "Saints getting off too easy." Hahahaha! #nWo #wemaketherulespal


April Foolishness

2012 April Fools NFL Mock Draft |
Good for a laugh!

KSK Mock Draft: Teen Stars You Would Sponsor In Hunger Games | Kissing Suzy Kolber
Unsilent Majority - We are drafting current or former teen stars (film/television/music) that you would like to nominate for Celebrity Hunger Games. The goal is to give yourself the best chance at fielding the competition’s lone survivor. (3/23/12)

KSK Mock Draft: Non-Player Bounties | Kissing Suzy Kolber
Unsilent Majority - With all the news about bounties in the NFL, it's about time for us to issue some more of our own. Instead of players, we're drafting anyone else who works in the NFL. (3/30/12)


Saints Stuff (non-Bountygate)

New Orleans Saints' roster not expected to change much now |
Mike Triplett - With no high draft picks this year, addressing fringe spots all that's left for Saints.

The Saints Have Five Picks in the 2012 Draft - blog |
The Saints will have five picks in the 2012 NFL Draft: 89 (3rd rd), 122 (4th rd), 162 (5th rd), 179 (6th rd) and 234 (7th rd).



New Orleans Saints' appeals to be heard Tuesday, source says |
Saints coach Sean Payton and general manager Mickey Loomis are planning to be at the NFL's New York offices Tuesday for their respective appeals of suspensions, a source close to the situation told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

What Are The Odds? Goodell Unlikely To Change Saints Bounty Gate Penalties |
Brian Allee-Walsh - Upon further review, that's what Bounty Gate has become.

NFL Star Jeremy Shockey -- I Want an Apology from the NFL Network |
Jeremy Shockey is fuming mad that Warren Sapp labeled him as "the snitch" in the New Orleans Saints infamous "bounty scandal".



NFL owners OK review on turnovers, OT tweak -
John Clayton - All turnovers will be reviewed from the booth with no coaches' challenges needed and overtime periods in the regular season will use the same scoring rules as the postseason after NFL owners voted to approve those proposals and more on Wednesday.

Video: Rule changes for next season |
Rich McKay has the latest rule changes for the 2012 NFL season, including the new overtime rules extending to the regular season.

NFC South salary-cap squeeze - NFC South Blog |
I just got a look at the up-to-date salary-cap figures from around the league and the NFC South remains in a financial jam.

For NFL, head injuries should be a top-of-mind issue | The Washington Post
Tracee Hamilton - League needs to worry about long-term risks, not short-term image.