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Bountygate Evidence May Have Been Fake

The whistleblower or "snitch" in the Saints Bountygate scandal has allegedly been revealed. According to local New Orleans author Alan Donnes in a Tuesday interview with America's News Radio Network, it was Saints defensive quality control Coach Mike Cerullo who first alerted the league about Gregg Williams' bounty program.

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But the other equally interesting tidbit from Donnes' radio interview that seems to have fallen through the cracks is the fact that some of the evidence supplied by Cerullo to the NFL may not have even been real, an hypothesis many Saints fans have posited since news of the scandal first surfaced:

From a source, in the situation, some of the materials - printed materials - that the whistleblower turned in were suspect and may not have actually been real. And I think Roger Goodell overreacted and now he can't get out of it. And look, the Saints aren't, y'know, virgins here, but they're not the evil guys they're being made out to be.

If true, this may very well explain why NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the league have been so tight-lipped about the 10,000 documents and 50,000 pages of evidence they claim to possess. This theory that Cerullo forged evidence would also seem plausible if it's true that, as Donnes revealed, "he believed that it was Gregg Williams and Sean Payton and others in the Saints organization blocking him from getting other work." That would be a potentially legitimate motive.

And it really doesn't matter how much evidence may actually be bogus, because even if it's just a single page it opens a Pandora's Box of questions as to the validity of the entire Bountygate accusations. What other evidence might be phony? Who is checking and looking over this evidence? Everything can and should now be questioned.

Here's the actual audio clip in it's entirety.