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Fleur-de-Links: April 11, 2012



This guy is a "WILD BOY" this guy passed out in the refrigerator

Last year's Madden Curse on Peyton Hillis was so strong it might have even affected Peyton Manning and Sean Payton. Bad year to be Peyton.

Soooo I'm really hoping I don't embarrass myself in this charity basketball game Friday. Hooping has never really been my "thing" lol

Times-Picayune: Clips from Drew Brees talking at the press conference in San Diego

Exhausted after a great Workout Bout to Pass out watching QuagMire! 15OB what don't kill u makes u stronger n I died 93X

Saints Players to Participate in Inaugural Black and Gold Hoops Challenge

New Orleans Saints' surprised his niece at John Clem Elementary yesterday.

- Saints Players hoop it up for a safer NOLA -

Come check out some of our Saints Players hoop it up for a safer NOLA Friday night at Brother Martin. For info-

Social media poll results. Most anticipated preseason game: At Patriots(75%) Vs Cardinals(12%) Vs Texans(7%) Vs Jaguars(3%) At Titans(3%)

How many of my former teammates are going to be @ this weekend! I know is debating it! Let's pack Como!

It’s great to be a visionary, inventor, thinker, or a dreamer, but none of these matter if you are not also a do-er.

Feeling better today, back to the gym...

THIS is the realest First Take, ever! is absolutely CORRECT.

The four players who advanced to the semi-finals of the Madden 13 Cover Vote are Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Willis, Cam Newton, Calvin Johnson.

No, we don't. RT : Of course, the conspiracy helps bloggers, too, who need page views as much is "real journalists" do.

Blogging as an "industry" is a terrible outlook RT : CSC gets its revenue via free labor but thats the industry

I hear ya but "industry" is a big reason most blogs suck. Blogging should be a hobby. Labor of love. Not a get rich quick scheme

This is why bloggers ought to avoid SBNation, YardBarker, BleacherReport, etc. & be independent. Also why so many don't. Built-in audience.

Which, to me, is "cheating."

Santorum is out, mitt romney has all but won...anybody still think Ron Paul is goin to win??


Not much there. Seems a stretch. RT : Any input on this, Jeff? Bountygate Evidence May Have Been Fake

One thing that should be noted about the whistle-blower accusation from 2009-20... The NFL says there was also a different informant in 2011

The NFL re-opened the bounty investigation in 2011 after receiving "significant and credible new information." Mike Cerullo was gone by then

Pamphillon was at 49ers game. NFL re-opened investigation before Lions playoff game. RT : Couldn't that just be Pamphillon in '11?

Also, according to the NFL document sent to clubs, via Peter King's SI story, the Vikings were the ones who first turned in the Saints.

From what I've gathered, there was not a single whistle blower. The NFL tapped multiple sources, then used emails to corroborate the claims.

NFL security guys are top-notch investigators, former FBI & law enforcement types. Once emails were on the NFL server they were accessible.



Nation Asks Head Coaches To Just Sit Tight And Try Not To Do Anything Terrible For A While | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
Nation Asks Head Coaches To Just Sit Tight And Try Not To Do Anything Terrible For A While

When the N.F.L.’s Culture of Violence Seemed Funny -
The N.F.L.’s last bounty scandal of note did not provoke outrage or condemnation. It did not result in fines or suspensions. The accused perpetrators showed no remorse. The only person to receive any penalty was the victim.

Local Author Donnes Identifies Alleged Bounty Gate Whistle Blower
"Based on my sources, and I believe they're very good, the former defensive quality control coach, his name is Mike Cerullo with a 'C,' was let go after the Super Bowl season and for whatever reason, he was unable to find work in the NFL and he believed that it was Gregg Williams and Sean Payton and others in the Saints organization blocking him from getting other work," said Donnes. "To the best of the sources I have and everybody else has, we all have that name."

Brees guarded, mum at press conference for his charity golf tournament | New Orleans

Saints DB Leigh Torrence signs with Redskins | New Orleans
Saints defensive back Leigh Torrence has signed with the Washington Redskins.

Filmmaker identifies Saints whistleblower, league has no comment - CBSSports
During a Tuesday radio appearance, filmmaker and author Alan Donnes said that former Saints defensive quality control coach Mike Cerullo was a whistleblower in the bounty scandal that led to wide-ranging sanctions for the Saints, according to Rapid Reporter Larry Holder.

New whistleblower alleged in Saints' bounty scandal
New Orleans filmmaker accuses team's former quality control coach of lifting the veil on controversial program in radio interview.

Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk + Brass-A-Holics "Gogo Brass Funk" Perform at Wednesday at the Square

Drew Brees talks about New Orleans Saints' turbulent offseason - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
"I'm not condoning, by any means, any kind of bounty structure. And I will clarify that there's a difference between pay for performance and pay for injury. I'd say that what we've been accused of, pay for injury, is not the case."

Saints Nation: Preparing for Life Without Sean Payton | April

Saints Hall of Fame Golf Classic Sold Out; Tickets Remain For Reception
The 2nd Annual Saints Hall of Fame Reception/Auction is set for Sunday, May 20 from 5 p.m.-8 p.m. at the New Orleans Saints facility at 5800 Airline Drive in Metairie.

Brees believes Saints will thrive in wake of bounty system scandal - New Orleans Saints -
CARLSBAD, Calif. -- Drew Brees is sticking up for the Saints and said they’ll continue to thrive despite coach Sean Payton’s season-long suspension for his role in New Orleans’ bounty system.

Parcells unlikely Saints’ next coach - New Orleans Saints -
NEW ORLEANS -- Bill Parcells is unlikely to become the New Orleans Saints’ interim coach, according to multiple reports.

Goodell ruled correctly on Saints, but he can't be only judge - NFL - News, Rumors, Scores, Stats, Fantasy
Justice, Goodell-style, is an ugly thing. It's so ugly, I'm embarrassed for Goodell that he can't see how bad it looks. As the man entrusted to protect the NFL from the monsters within, Goodell had the moral high ground on this Saints scandal -- but his methods, as always, were a moral mudslide.

Drew Brees says New Orleans Saints still will thrive without coach Sean Payton this season - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -