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Tom Benson Buys New Orleans Hornets

New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson can now add NBA owner to his resume after officially purchasing the the New Orleans Hornets this afternoon.

Next stop: world domination!

Here's a quote from the NBA's newest franchise owner:

"We're going to operate this as a separate unit altogether," Benson said. "I don't see right now that we're going to be able to interlock a lot of stuff. That doesn't mean that these guys right here and Mickey Loomis is a good basketball guy, certainly won't have some input. We're going to have a management staff there just like you do in any other business.

"In the automobile business, we've got a management staff on board and in the banking deal, we've got a president and they operate the bank, our real estate holdings the same thing. So where Dennis is involved in a lot of things, he'll have somebody he's talking to or working with. That's what we need to do. "

And here's a picture of Benson with NBA commissioner David Stern making the deal official:


But here is what I really would rather see:


Somewhere Drew Brees has got to be wondering how Benson has the money to purchase an NBA franchise but not get him a long-term contract.