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Random Observations: New Bounty Posted on Michael Silver

Although this may be in bad taste, I'm posting a bounty on Michael Silver. I will reward anyone who can stop this guy from making stupid statements with $2 and some homemade biscuits.

In a recent story of his Silver rips Tom Benson for the recent coaching decisions made by the Saints. He also believes that Benson should be internally punishing Loomis, Payton, and Vitt. I can't say I totally disagree, but in Payton's case an entire year without pay is a pretty stout penalty. I would have probably made Loomis cover the $500,000 fine and Vitt, well, let's just say I wouldn't have promoted him to head coach status, although I understand the logic behind the decision.

First of all Mr. Silver, Tom Benson has been a pillar of strength throughout this entire process. Even though his general manager and head coach failed to follow his stop order to end the bounty program, he probably sees the value in keeping Loomis and Payton around. Mickey is a front office genius and Payton has transformed this team into a consistent playoff contender. I personally believe hiring Gregg Williams as the defensive coordinator was one of the few mistakes the Saints have made in recent years. Granted it was a humongous mistake but hindsight is 20/20 and the damage has been done.

But Mr. Silver I can't condone you carrying the title of author if you're going to make statements that make you sound like an idiot. When you say, "In terms of improving the team's current image, even Bobby Petrino would have been a cleaner choice," that's just dumb! I understand you're entitled to your opinion, and my team is an easy target right now, but making senseless statements to fill a story? That's akin to me saying, "In terms of improving Michael Silver's writing, even a kindergarten student would be able to make more sense." Now doesn't that just sound like someone who's writing out of spite, like I'm doing here?

I like Drew's take on the coaching situation, especially since he knows the team and situation way better than Mr. Silver. He thinks the Saints will thrive under the interim coaching conundrum. ''It seems like our organization, whenever we're hit with something, any kind of adversity, we have guys that step up and fill the void and take on more responsibility and really thrive in it,'' he said. ''We did it last year and whatever is thrown at us this year we'll continue to thrive.''

This also makes me more comfortable about his plans for 2012 because he includes himself as part of the team!