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Fleur-de-Links: Sunday, April 15



Canal St. Chronicles You ready for this!?!? #whodat RT @Chambo57 Loaded and headed to NOLA!!!

Thomas MorsteadOut in #NewOrleans tonight, What to do, so many choices....

Greg Romeus @thomasmorstead where u headed?

Thomas Morstead@GregRomeus91 at @PatOBriensBar right now...

Pierre ThomasI was @illinifootball spring game today the team looks good...met coach beckman, great guy...cant wait to see how they do this yr #GoIllini

Canal St. ChroniclesRandom Observations: New Bounty Posted on Michael Silver

Reid G.@CSCtweet I called him an errand boy for writing that. He retweeted it to his fanboys, then blocked me like a coward. [HansDat note: "him" = Mike Silver, I believe]

Lance Moore What's everybody doing in Nola tonight???

Jermon BushrodLil dinner date at Ruth's wit the misses

Thomas MorsteadI LOVE #NewOrleans

cameron jordanY is this? This meal so dang decadent!!! Seafood amazing, the fish.... Scalibut, the sensation? A-.. wait for it.. -frigginmazing #dale

Pierre ThomasLets go @NHLBlackhawks!!

Lance Moore U right I don't wear lingerie lol RT @MrJoJo504: @LanceMoore16 going to a lingerie party! You aint bout dat life haha

Lance MooreThat food just made me real tired quick fast and n a hurry lol. I know @NickMoore_1 is feeling me

Lance MooreHad to post this one so people could see it lol

Pierre ThomasChiTown!!! Blackhawks!! Overtime!! Lets get it!!

Held Over The only Gotye I care about is the VanDamm's character is Lionheart. "LIONHEEEEEEEEEEART!!!!"

Pierre ThomasBig win for the @NHLBlackhawks tonight!! ChiTown stand up!!!

Thomas Morstead "@masondrouant: @thomasmorstead looking pretty jacked, better go hit some people on kickoffs next year....for free" I only do touchbacks ha

Lance MooreGood morning everyone. Have a very blessed Sunday!!! Back to bed for this guy till @NickMoore_1 has to go to the airport.

Albert BreerRT @TheBlueScreen: It's no joke! Eli Manning will host Saturday Night Live (@nbcsnl) on May 5. ... With musical guest: Rihanna. #NYG (HansDat note: no joke? then who will want to watch it, if there are no jokes?)

Albert BreerToday is Sean Payton's final day of work before his suspension begins. He'll be allowed to return to the Saints after the Super Bowl.

Jeff DuncanFins, Saints swapped picks in 6th rd. RT @Gov_Banks: loomis said we have 5 picks what happened to the extra pick we got for the bush trade

Larry HolderSomething tells me #Saints coach Sean Payton won't be playing bongos today at French Quarter Fest considering his suspension begins Monday.

Larry HolderI'd say last-minute planning is on his agenda. He can perform for change tomorrow.

Larry Holder OTAs don't begin til May. But don't think so. RT @JohnnySimple: @LHolderCBS any chance of a Brees deal to get him in for OTAs tomorrow?

Larry HolderFor those confused, the #Saints offseason workout program starts Monday, not OTAs. OTAs, which are basically practices, begin week of May 21

Larry HolderTalking #Saints and #Hornets on @WWLTV's "Fourth Down on Four" tonight at 10:35. Check it out.

Thomas Morstead"@Mitchking47: New Orleans bound baby! Ready to get back and get working with the team!" Let's get after it Mitch

Johnny Patrick Had a good time in Louisville, now it's time to get back to new Orleans.. Tomorrow morning the grind starts back with the team.... #WhoDat


Saints Stuff

With fewer picks, New Orleans Saints looking to make most out of the draft |
James Varney gets a peek at the Saints public depth chart on the board behind Pay-Loo, er, Loo, at this press conference.

Finally back to normal for Saints? | The Advocate
Sheldon Mickles - Maybe, just maybe, things will begin to get back to normal for the New Orleans Saints on Monday.



New Orleans Hornets owner Tom Benson is feeling invigorated and ready to go after an NBA title |
Peter Finney - Benson and Stern had no problem getting act together.

Greg Schiano: Gerald McCoy "can be a dominant force" | ProFootballTalk
Michael David Smith - (While HansDat wishes injury to no one, he wouldn't mind if McCoy becomes an "expensive mistake" instead of a "dominant force" a la Jonathan Sullivan.)

Video: NFC South QBs On The Clock - NFC South Blog |
The On The Clock roundtable looks at quarterbacks, including Tampa Bay's Josh Freeman and Atlanta's Matt Ryan, who are ready to take the next step and become household names.

Unruly fans must pass code-of-conduct exam to return to games | ProFootballTalk
Mike Florio - (HansDat wonders if there will be any math on this exam...)

NFL Allowing Limited Casino Ads |
NEW YORK (AP) — The NFL will allow teams to accept advertisements for casinos and other state-licensed gambling-related establishments during the next two seasons.

Saturday's Web video of the day - Page 2 |
Quebec City! A historic place, to be sure. But it's no match for (future professional Ultimate player) Brodie Smith and his buddies, who are clad in Nordique shirts and game to perform their trademark Frisbee trick shots in the city and inside an arena. (HansDat LOVES FRISBEE TRICK SHOTS...anyone up for a round of frisbee golf? C'mon, it's a gorgeous day, so let's cut class, grab a beer, and hit the course!)