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The NFL Wants The Pamphilon Tapes: Intrigue Or Not?

A series of tweets by Mike Silver report that the NFL has been after filmmaker Sean Pamphilon to turn over the audio tapes of Gregg Williams:

Michael Silver ‏ @MikeSilver

I spoke with filmmaker Sean Pamphilon earlier today. He says, "NFL security called 4 times on Friday. They want the Gregg Williams tapes..."

Michael Silver ‏ @MikeSilver

Pamphilion, cont: He wants "Roger Goodell to answer real questions first." Says he has copies of tapes "in several locations"...

Michael Silver ‏ @MikeSilver

Pamphilon expects tapes will be subpoenaed...

As you can see by my headline, I'm wondering if this is intrigue or not. Is this anything?

Silver's saying Pamphilon's got demands of Goodell, and multiple copies of the tapes hidden in several locations. Sounds like intrigue to me.

Let's get after it in the comment section...