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Fleur-de-Links: April 16, 2012



Had a great first day at workouts. Feels good to back w my teammates. Ready to get rolling and try to do something unprecedented

In order to be great you must sacrifice comfort

Put in that work today at the facility... Day one good work

Happy Birthday to !

Word on the street is that he's bracing for it to be delayed by 2-8 weeks. RT : Happy Birthday to !

": Happy Birthday from your & family!" feels great to be 21

": Not a bad day to be born! Aries are some of the coolest people, if i may say so myself...Happy Birthday to us!" YUP

Being back wit my teammates Grindin today felt good!! Superbowl or bust!! !!!!!

Im proud to be a SAINT!!

Mr. Benson said he needs help renaming the Hornets. Something that represents the city. Suggestions?

Great first day back at facilities! We're missing but all we can do is press on & focus on getting better everyday!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack..!! Felt good to be around all of my teammates & looking forward to a special season..look out World!!

Good first day back wit the guys!!! Now PHO time

Feels So good to be Back with all my Teammates every1 on the same page same Vision Feb3rd '13 United We Stand

Another big sports event coming to NOLA: Commissioner David Stern just announced the 2014 All-Star Game is coming to the Big Easy!

no doubt. I know one thing both teams got in common, it's hot outside, but we got an indoor. I think y'all don't. Lol

For those wondering, the Brees/Fujita meeting w/ NFL officials was scheduled previously. Not related to the release of Gregg Williams audio

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!! Y'all got me feeling kinda special ovr here lol

just breasted today's first workout. Fresh out the weight room in the locker room with the fellas

breasted huh?... Y'all better be getting ready... We ain't playing no games out here in Tampa!

Today was a great first day....

Great 1st team workout with and

If you roll your R when you say the word "three" please punch yourself in the face.

NFLPA source says other executive committee members present and meeting not exclusive to Saints bounty scandal. No other details yet

Crazy entering an offseason w/o , when last year he was the only reason the had an offseason

Getting this wk started right, oh and it's the start of workouts. Let's go then. Getting better today for sure.

Lets get it RT : you ready to take over the NFC this season? This our time (cont)

Pamphilon wants to trade full audio for "interviews" with Goodell for a "documentary." Wait, I thought it was ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN?


After Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III go first in NFL draft, the rest gets interesting - Peter King -
4. I think if you love the Saints (or you simply can't agree with the league coming down on them like a ton of bricks for the bounty scandal), know this: The number of players involved in concussion- or head-trauma-related lawsuits against the NFL now is 1,186. Someday those cases are going to get to a courtroom somewhere. And someday Roger Goodell is probably going to have to testify about what an attorney will say is the NFL's lax approach to player safety. Don't think those sanctions were made in a vacuum. SATCH NOTE: OK. So, how does that justify the ton of bricks? Why should the Saints alone take the hit in order to help Goodell cover his ass in the future?

Fans upset Saints off-season workout starts without Brees contract | New Orleans
The New Orleans Saints start their off-season workout on Monday without their head coach and and it looks like Drew Brees will also be missing.

Union leaders meet with NFL officials in New York
Saints QB Drew Brees is not attending team workouts Monday, but perhaps not for reasons you might expect.

Peter King Is Just Semi-Guessing This Year | Kissing Suzy Kolber
When we last left all-time incongruous bust factoid, Peter King, he was discovered that the Eagles are a name-change bastion where no one holds a moniker

It's going to be a strange year for the New Orleans Saints - Video |
After getting a sit-down with New Orleans Saints general manager Mickey Loomis, The Times-Picayune's James Varney talks to online sports editor Kevin Spain on a few of the topics discussed.

Gregg Williams Audio Was No Surprise To NFLPA When Tapes Were Released - NFL Spin Zone - A General NFL Blog providing you all the NFL News, Rumors, Updates, and National Football League News.
A lot of NFL fans and a handful of players were outraged, after the release of very damning audio tapes that featured former New Orleans Saints defensi

Schefter: Brees and Saints Still Far Apart in Contract Talks " NFL Gridiron Gab
Are you ready for some football?

Goodell won’t submit to interview to get Williams tapes | ProFootballTalk
It wasn't completely clear what filmmaker Sean Pamphilon meant when he said that, before giving the notorious Gregg Williams audio tapes to the NFL, Pamphilon wants Commissioner Roger Goodell to "answer real questions." It's now becoming more clear what Pamphilon is up to.

NFL - Schedule does Saints no favors - ESPN
The 2012 schedule could add to the New Orleans Saints' woes, John Clayton writes. news: Jonathan Vilma expecting heavy 'bounty'-related suspension
Jonathan Vilma is expecting a two- to eight-game suspension for his role in the Saints' "bounty" program, according to sources who have been in contact with the linebacker.

Daily Special, April 16, 2012 - Who Dat Social Club news: Drew Brees, Scott Fujita, DeMaurice Smith meeting NFL officials
"The NFLPA was aware of the existence of the Gregg Williams audio prior to its release," the statement reads. "We learned of the tape as part of our effort to obtain any and all information related to an alleged pay-to-injure scheme. We had no control of the content and did not make a determination on the method of its release. To date, the NFL has not provided the NFLPA with detailed evidence of the existence of such a program."