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NFL Schedule Rumors: Saints Home Game Dates Released

Even though the 2012 NFL schedule isn't set to be officially released until 7pm EST tonight, now is the time when information slowly begins to get leaked out to the public. It appears that has already started happening.

Larry Holder claims to have the Saints eight home game dates for the 2012 season. They are:

Here are #Saints home dates: Sept 9, Sept 16, Oct 7, Nov 5, Nov 11, Nov 25, Dec 16, Dec 30. All of this via source familiar w: schedule.

If these dates are accurate, that means the Saints will have one home Monday Night Football game (November 5th). It also means a month-long stretch of no games in the Dome from early October to early November. I would assume one of those weeks is a bye. These potential dates would also eliminate the possibility of a Thanksgiving Day matchup for the Saints.