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Fleur-de-Links: April 18, 2012



Aim for the sky...Another beautiful day in Nola, good to c the guys out there working hard. Smell of grass in the air already...

Everybody come find my man is new to the twitter game. Big jah is officially in the game

looking forward to cing how big homie do it out in VA. Third golf event for the summer, Roman and Bloom. That's all I need.

RIP Dick Clark {11/30/1929 — 04/18/2012}

Another Saint has joined Twitter: please welcome & follow Pro Bowl Guard Jahri Evans ->

Nola Trivia: Any1 recognize this ice cream?!

is bowlin' like someone who wants to pay

Hey what's going on today? It finally stopped raining..

Registration for the youth football camp was open for 36 hrs and over 300 kids have been signed up. It's OVER now! Can't wait until June 2nd

Yea They worked hard BUT when workout was done where were u Doing da Xtra? I won another day! 260lbs N Running! 15OB

ESPN says it will only have one commercial during the first hour (8-9 pm ET) of the opening round of the NFL Draft Thursday. Like it.

A little golfing with the guys!

You are not very bright. RT : My column

Happy hump day everybody! I know I'm late lol. Tryin to get these last few things done before Vegas tomorrow!

Golfing at Lakewood w/ and Korey Hall Who you think will win?

Oatmeal and OJ in the morning is the best

Day 3 u ready to work? Another day another chance to grind open up to mind

Beware Carolina and Detroit: Cam Newton and Calvin Johnson are squaring off in the Madden NFL 13 Cover Vote finale.

Hard early morning workout complete, great way to start tha day!! Look out world.."Here We Come 2 Get Cha"

Happy Birthday to former Saint & Pro Football Hal of Fame Class of 2012 enshrinee Willie Roaf! Roaf turns 42 today

Check out this Western-styled movie trailer for the 2012 NFL matchup between the Saints & Packers

:owned: RT : Fantastic. Hope you can make a few games RT What does everyone think about that 2012 Who Dat schedule?

Atlanta Falcons have no two-game home stands, and alternate home, road, home, road the entire season.

The ones you love so much are the ones that let you down... But man the past 2 days with my teammates have been the best....

LINKS: news: Gregg Williams in contact with NFL about reinstatement steps
Williams is eligible for possible reinstatement the day after the Super Bowl -- less than a year away -- and, according to those who have been in contact with him, has been using his time away from football to reflect upon and think critically about how to emerge from this as a better coach, and how to enact positive change from it.

PFT Live: Glazer on the Saints’ bounty suspensions | ProFootballTalk
FOX Sports senior writer Jay Glazer breaks down NFL coach/player suspensions involved in the bounty hunt. Glazer quotes the Saints’ Steve Spagnuolo, stating the defensive coordinator’s main reason for coming to New Orleans was to support Sean Payton.

Forecast: Sean Payton is one of us now, a fan | New Orleans
Ralph Malbrough / Contributing Writer
Sean, I heard about Roger Goodell dropping something fierce on you when he laid out your yearlong suspension guidelines: No calls, texts, or any interaction at all with any Saints employee or anyone employed by the NFL

Graham to WWL Radio on Brees: 'Want him back as soon as possible' | New Orleans
It’s not like anyone is doing a heck of a lot of posturing in the Drew Brees – Saints offseason long-term contract sweepstakes.

ESPN reporter says Brees, Saints have inched closer | New Orleans
The latest Saints parlor game that isn’t related to the NFL’s investigation and punishment for the pay-for-performance bounty program has to do with quarterback Drew Brees.

The NFL And Their Inconsistency With "Bountygate" And Player Fines : New Orleans Saints
By now you've all heard the story of the New Orleans Saints being hammered by the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell due to the "Bountygate" scandal that took the media by storm. It's arguably one of, if not the biggest controversy to ever hit the NFL.

SaintsWin: Analysis, Examination, Opinion: Are the Saints Being Railroaded?

Daily Special, April 18, 2012 - Who Dat Social Club
In fact, I’m convinced that’s why it’s taking so long for the player suspensions to be announced. If they have solid evidence, why should it take this long? Because there is no solid evidence. And right now, what the league and Goodell want more than anything is for this whole thing to go away.

NFL puts Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos in early spotlight; more schedule reactions - Don Banks -
• Plenty of paranoid Saints fans out there are convinced the NFL office had it in for their heroes because of the bounty investigation. But if so, the NFL has a curious way of showing its antipathy via the Saints 2012 schedule. SATCH NOTE: That's right, Don. Throw around the "they're crazy" terminology like a good little league stooge.

Peyton, Giants, Saints highlight games to watch in 2012
49ers at Saints, Sunday, Nov. 25: The embattled Saints seemingly have titillating contests every week -- the Broncos (interim HC Joe Vitt assumes command in Denver on Oct. 28), Cowboys, Eagles, Giants and Packers occupy the slate, not to mention New Orleans' NFC South foes -- but this one might take the cake.

Saints' bye extends Vitt suspension to 7 weeks - New Orleans Saints -
The suspension for Saints interim head coach Joe Vitt has been effectively extended by a week.

New Orleans Saints have four prime-time games scheduled in 2012 - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
They play the Broncos, Chargers, Eagles and Falcons in prime time

Despite off-field woes, New Orleans Saints will face a slate of prime-time games in 2012 season - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
The high-powered offense is must-see TV

Let's sign Drew Brees right now: A letter to the editor |

Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore worked out for the New Orleans Saints - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Moore had a great record as a starter for the Broncos

Theresa Andersson, Mia Borders and 610 Stompers Will Perform at Wednesday at the Square