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Jo-Lonn Dunbar Signs with Rams

Linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar has apparently signed with the St. Louis Rams and will be leaving the New Orleans Saints.

This, according to his own personal tweets just a few minutes ago:

Im excited, nervous & happy 2 b a Ram. Im blessed 4 the opportunity. Id like 2 thk god 1st NOLA & Saints Thk u 4 making my dreams come true... It was the best 4 yrs of my life. I played w GREAT players, fathers & men. friendships I have made will always be cherished... 2 STL winning is everything & the only thing. I'm ready to give my ALL each & everyday. Work hard, Hard work!!

Classy way to make an exit. The only thing I'd say, however, is that if he really wanted to win, he'd have stayed here in New Orleans.