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Fleur-de-Links: April 2, 2012



After planning to have appeal for Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis on Tuesday, NFL believes it will have to push back date. Calendar shifting.

RT : So does this mean payton is still suspended as of 4/1? ... No. Suspension is being appealed.

Was at touching but awesome and necessary event for N.Orleans children's advocacy center for trees for life program.Child abuse prevention!

New Orleans children's advocacy center!

goin out to NY for this photo shoot with ...what's good New York!!

Anyone looking for a church to enjoy Easter service with should come join us. All the info you need is here --->

People will do anything for attention nowadays Where is your Self Esteem@ Come on now on another Note where r all my FANS @!!!

: Goodell: 'We all need to move forward' from Saints' scandal

TRANSLATION: "Everyone should accept my punishment and stop questioning it. I am Roger GODell. I have spoken."

I swear ppl think I'm the ATM machine

No substitute for hard work!!

First day at my new job today! You have to LOVE this game or these workouts will kill you

Thinkin bout hittin this Kentucky/Kansas game tonight..

That was one hell of a Workout I'm Pooped...I say Kansas Over Kentucky Tonight??!

Im excited, nervous & happy 2 b a Ram. Im blessed 4 the opportunity. Id like 2 thk god 1st NOLA & Saints Thk u 4 making my dreams come true

Great time w great people yesterday. If u were at all involved w it thanks for being awesome lol

Word of the day: weenus. Not sure which trumps the other though, love of venison sausage or love of ABBA. My head just exploded.

Six teams with new HCs -- Bucs, Colts, Raiders, Rams, Jags, Dophins -- begin their off-season programs today.

Boom!!! RT : So glad I woke up at 5am only to arrive at bootcamp and find out it was cancelled

Still got another four hr flight to get to az to get trainin super

SAINTS: news: NFLPA says it wants concrete evidence against Saints players
"We want to get some sort of look at concrete evidence of player involvement and levels of player involvement," Atallah said. "That is why looking at the evidence is important to us. At least there is a correlation to where the punishment fits the crime, if you will."

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says he's open to new info from New Orleans Saints - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

Sean Payton and New Orleans Saints appeal will be moved, according to reports - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
ESPN's Adam Shefter tweeted: "After planning to have appeal for Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis on Tuesday, NFL believes it will have to push back date. Caldendar shifting."

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wants to move forward with player discipline and Sean Payton's appeal - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
League is meeting with NFLPA today; session with Saints expected later in the week

Roger Goodell should take things into perspective regarding suspension appeals
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should take some time to keep things in perspective before ruling on New Orleans Saints suspension appeals.

Peter King Thinks It’s Good To Think. Hmmmm. | Kissing Suzy Kolber
When we last left Greg Cosell thought provokee, Peter King, he was counseling the Jaguars that their thirst for glory could only be slaked with the juice of

New Orleans Saints fans protested the NFL's ruling outside the Superdome on Sunday - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Some fans met in Champions Square

Linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar announces that he's signed with St. Louis Rams - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
He is the fourth starter the Saints have lost in free agency

As Superdome goes, so does New Orleans - College Basketball -
The Superdome has weathered the highest of highs and the lowest of lows to represent the complicated and celebrated history of its city. - College Basketball news Blogs " Blog Archive Payton in paradise: Buffett backs Saints coach "

Links: It’s impossible to press charges against the Bountygate players | Goal-Line Stand | Blogs | news: Saints' Vitt says he's prepared to earn Goodell's respect
In his appeal letter to Commission Roger Goodell obtained Monday by NFL Network's Albert Breer, Saints assistant coach writes that he respects Goodell's decision to suspend him the first six games of the 2012 season despite his filing of an appeal.

Sean Payton joins Jimmy Buffett on stage at free concert |
New Orleans Saints coach reportedly will have suspension appeal heard by NFL on Tuesday

New Orleans Saints players involved in "Bounty" scandal will get legal counsel
WAFB News is reporting that the New Orleans Saints players involved in "bounty" investigation will get legal counsel because of the possibility of criminal charges.

Saints bounty penalties and prep work for NFL draft dominating NFL headlines - Peter King -
Two headlines of the morning. Can't figure out which I like more, so I'll give you both.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should punish others: Letter |