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Fleur-de-Links: April 23, 2012



I think it's time we officially switched our team slogan from "Who Dat" to "Prove It". Where's the evidence?

My sources tell me the only thing Mickey Loomis could hear in his listening device was opposing coaches laughing at Aaron Brooks

You don't want to see me on that tennis court!

LMMFAO! RT : Lmfao RT : Recovered opponent tape from Loomis' eavesdropping: "Uh, is Stallworth playing?" "No"

Bloody glove found in Pete Carmichael's desk. Film at 11.

RT : Saints may end up as first team to forfeit Lombardi Trophy! >> Allegations cover 2002-2004.

Any minute now, Tom Benson is going to dispatch troops to Viet Nam.

Hit a serious conditioning run today and moonwalked off the field... Gettin after it, beasty!!!

Mickey Loomis > Hank Scorpio

It's official. The Saints are a cartoon. Moustache-twirling supervillains and everything.

Mickey Loomis on OTL Report: "This is 1,000 percent false. This is 1,000 percent inaccurate."


BREAKING: The and Drew Brees came to terms last night on a 6 year extension averaging 17 mill per year.

NFL does not intend to announce any discipline today for current or former Saints players in the bounty scandal. This week still possible.

Grind all morning now finished at 12... Don't cheat your self treat your self...

Do you like the lights at the ? Vote for the Dome for the Excellence in Design Award!

": wallpaper I made of you "looks GOOD

Day 5 "YOU choose not to put in the work, YOU choose to live with the regret"

Another hard day of work in the weight room, always a great way to start the day...working on my beach body..


Legit NFL prospects exist around the New Orleans Saints top pick (89)
The New Orleans Saints will be have to wait until the middle of the second day of the 2012 NFL draft before they take their first player as they have no first or second round pick this year

Sources: New Orleans Saints' Mickey Loomis could eavesdrop on opposing coaches during home games - ESPN
Greg Bensel, Saints vice president of communications, said Monday afternoon on behalf of the Saints and Loomis: "This is 1,000 percent false. This is 1,000 percent inaccurate."

Superdome up for two major awards, including Facility of the Year | New Orleans
The Superdome was nearly lost to Hurricane Katrina. Nearly seven years later, it's up for two major awards.

Report: NFL won't release player penalties today | New Orleans
The Saints will live another day it appears without knowing exactly what will happen to the players in regard to their involvement in the pay-for-performance program the NFL uncovered during a three-year investigation.

New Orleans Saints need more players to help with salary cap number
The New Orleans Saints could benefit in regards to salary cap numbers if more players could restructure or do a contract extension.

Daily Special, April 23, 2012 - Who Dat Social Club

Where’s Rita? - Who Dat Social Club

Report: Family rift could affect Saints - San Antonio Express-News

Contract details on Vilma, Greer - NFC South Blog - ESPN

A positional analysis of the NFL Draft: wide receivers and tight ends - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

Saints, Hornets making all the right moves -- Gerry V |
Saints make good short-term decision while Hornets look good for the long haul

The NFL’s Unruly Fan Exam Revealed | Kissing Suzy Kolber
The NFL's latest tactic for policing disruptive fans soaking people out of more money is forcing fans who have been tossed from a game to undergo a

Schedule Release Day Revelations | Kissing Suzy Kolber
Remember, NBC now has an opt-out clause if a game features Carson Palmer. Today is NFL Schedule Release Day. Sure, we've already known for months who will

N.F.L. Evolution: Good Isn't Good Enough for Quarterbacks -
Virtually the entire league agrees: in order to compete for a Super Bowl, you have to have a star quarterback. The last game-managing quarterback to win a title was Brad Johnson in 2002.

HBO's 'Hard Knocks' still searching for a team - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
HBOs "Hard Knocks" is ready for a seventh season, but is still in the market for an NFL team willing to be featured on the reality program. HBOs Hard Knocks still searching for a team

Cornwell says NFLPA leadership engages in "deception and subterfuge" | ProFootballTalk
When last we updated the legal imbroglio involving the NFL Players Association and the NFL Coaches Association, the NFLPA had sued the NFLCA -- and a letter from the NFLCA to the NFLPA strongly hinted that the NFLCA eventually will make claims against the NFLPA.

Sapp won’t work NFL draft for NFLN | ProFootballTalk
Sapp is currently on the NFLN schedule through May, according to Deitsch. Two weeks ago, Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe reported that Sapp hadn’t appeared on NFL Network since the Shockey incident, and that Sapp’s contract "likely" won’t be renewed after it expires in August. Blogs " Blog Archive Aubrayo Franklin visited Falcons on Monday "

ChicagoSide | The Rush Of Battle: From Hunger Games to NFL Bountygate | ChicagoSide