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Fleur-de-Links: April 24, 2012



Y'all hatin on the saints it's cool!!! We still chantin !! Let's get it

BREAKING: The state po-po seized 50 pairs of Florsheim wingtips from Mickey Loomis's house.

I think Roger Goodell is going to discover just how unpeaceful Louisiana is when he visits for Super Bowl XLVII.

Cool billboard for

Taco Tuesday with at taqueria corona! Good as usual

": Taco Tuesday with at taqueria corona! Good as usual" don't leave ya boy out!

we all in there next week!

": we all in there next week!" bet!

": Did a little shoe organizing today Still have 20 more pair that can't fit anywhere "

I like when ppl try n look in my windows when I'm drivin!! Haha u can't see meeeeeee!!

If someone ask me do I have a Gf again I'm gonna fo a super dragon kickin the back of their heads when they turn to walk away...

The only Gf I got is football o and my beautiful black beauty I do love her

LMMFAO "If Benson were a teenager living in a rough neighborhood.." RT : another attempt by ESPN to call for Loomis' head...

Great workout body feels like a MACHINE time for a nap Ask yourself this ? In DA mirror & b honest Where do u c URSELF 5YRS From Now?

LMAO "as recently as eight years ago" RT : another attempt by ESPN to call for Loomis' head:

I agree with Peter's instincts here: ": My take on the Loomis affair: "

Thot: Winners r always part of the answer not part of the problem. Winners see an answer for every problem not a problem with every answer.

Thot 4 2day: Winners say It may be difficult but its possible; Not It may be possible but its too difficult. Be a Winner

Sigh. Of course it did. RT Tuesday's edition of PFT Live featured a conversation with Jeff Duncan of the Times-Picayune

Had a great work out today.... feels great

Like one long instant replay: an announcement on any discipline for the Saints players in the bounty scandal today is "unlikely."

I love that the FBI is investigating ESPN's "single source", but ESPN's story cites "sources".

Despite reports he plans to retire, Mark Brunell has no plans to retire at this time and still is hoping to sign with a team before camp.

I'm at peace with this.... RT : Survey: Louisiana ranked as "least peaceful" state for 11th straight year.

Working with guys like and u have two options: Keep up or get left behind

ESPN reporting continuing to insist on giving Reggie Bush the ball is clear evidence of 2007-2010 point-shaving scheme. Stay tuned.


Opinion: Saints have a public relations problem right now | New Orleans
In the court of public opinion, the Saints now are guilty before innocence is proven instead of the time-valued American tradition of innocent before proven guilty. Few know what to believe anymore so they just believe it’s all true.

Saints Make Defiant Use Of Old Mastercard Slogan – KSK Kontent Klearinghouse | Kissing Suzy Kolber
Saints fans are understandably outraged with the NFL making their team the scapegoats in the grand quest to remove bounties from the game before the NFL gets itself sued by a bunch of former players. In some ways, this has fostered an us-against-the-world mentality among Saints fans, who are rushing to scoop up season tickets even as their team’s fortunes are being further handicapped by the league.

NFL won’t take action on Saints eavesdropping allegations until legal process is complete - The Insider - The Washington Post
NFL officials do not intend to take action on the allegation of electronic eavesdropping against the New Orleans Saints until the legal process has run its course, a person familiar with the situation said Tuesday.

Polian says he believes Loomis | ProFootballTalk
On Tuesday, Polian explained on ESPN that he has since spoken to Loomis, and Polian offered an opinion on whether the report is accurate. "It was a friendly conversation and in the interest of full disclosure, we are friends," Polian said. "Bottom line, he told me that he never listened to any communication of any kind in his booth, other than the commercial radio broadcast, which is very common for most General Managers or assistant General Managers."

Wes Welker calls Gregg Williams audio "unheard of, disturbing" | ProFootballTalk
The response from NFL players to the Williams audio has been fascinating because it has been so varied: Some former players insist that anyone up in arms about what Williams said is "clueless about the game," and yet many players who are demonstrably not clueless about the game insist that they’ve never heard anything like what Williams said.

New Orleans Saints' reaction to latest Mickey Loomis scandal an intriguing one - Peter King -
"I have been in that box for years, and I just couldn't believe it when I heard it. Shocking. No way it's true.'

moosedenied " Blog Archive " I’ll write something soon. Promise. Meantime…

NFL Videos: Roger Goodell: Saints players embraced bounty
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says there is clear evidence that Saints players embraced the "bounty" program. Catch the full interview on the Rich Eisen Podcast on Wednesday night at 10:30 ET.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on pending Saints player discipline: transcript - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

State Police joins FBI probe of New Orleans Saints' Mickey Loomis' alleged 'wiretapping' |
"We want to see if there is any validity to the allegations and if it affects any state statutes," Edmonson said.

Goodell on Saints’ bounties: Evidence is clear, players embraced it | ProFootballTalk
"[The] evidence was clear that the players embraced it," Goodell said. "I don’t think they are absolved from responsibility."

New Orleans Saints player discipline unlikely today, but Commissioner says, "soon." - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
While the evidence of that scheme remains a closely guarded secret thus far, former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, now suspended indefinitely from professional football, acknowledged running a "pay for performance" system that was against the rules. Many players past and present have said bonuses for game changing plays such as interceptions and fumble recoveries have been, if not routine, less than uncommon.

Loomis: It just didn't happen | New Orleans
Saints general manager Mickey Loomis issued the following statement in response to an ESPN report claiming Loomis could listen in on opponents during Saints games via an electronic device.

Former Saints executive: 'I think this report is highly suspicious' | New Orleans
The Saints are the subject of more controversy after an ESPN report alleged that general manager Mickey Loomis secretly listened to opposing team coaches during games in the Superdome between 2002 and 2005.

Analyst: ESPN reporter 'was on a mission' | New Orleans
"It’s obvious to me that John Barr had a mission, and it looks like he reported on that mission today."

Saints deny ESPN report alleging eavesdropping - New Orleans Saints -
The New Orleans Saints denied an anonymously sourced ESPN report on Monday which alleges that general manager Mickey Loomis' booth in the Superdome was wired so he could listen to opposing coaches' radio communications during games.

Saints deny allegations of eavesdropping by Loomis - New Orleans Saints -
NEW ORLEANS -- The New Orleans Saints denied an anonymously sourced ESPN report on Monday which alleges that general manager Mickey Loomis’ booth in the Superdome was wired so he could listen to opposing coaches’ radio communications during games.

Saints Nation: ESPN Has A Bounty Out on the Saints | April

Mickey Loomis Claims Aside, Saints Fans Are the Ones Paying for Team's Misdeeds | Bleacher Report
New Orleans Saints fans, it seems, can't catch a break. Weeks after Bountygate was revealed, ESPN is reporting that Saints general manager Mickey Loomis eavesdropped on opposing coaches between 2002 and 2004...

New allegations against Saints must be investigated | ProFootballTalk
"John Barr, the reporter on April 5 called me asking a lot of questions about the Saints," Foret said. "Obviously, everyone is piling on as a result of the bounty scandal. He called me on April 5 and he asked me some really crazy questions, and it was obvious to me that he was looking for dirt on the Saints. I felt terribly uncomfortable with the conversation. I reported it to the Saints."

ESPN allegations will be very difficult to prove: Jeff Duncan video - Video |
Times-Picayune columnist Jeff Duncan says he does not know whether the allegations against Saints general manager Mickey Loomis by ESPN are true or not, but he is certain they will be very difficult to prove.


Roaf to Announce Saints' Third Round Draft Selection

NFC South salary-cap update - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The New Orleans Saints are next at $4.7 million and that includes Jonathan Vilma's restructured contract and Jabari Greer's three-year contract extension.

Three Prospects The New Orleans Saints Could Look At In The NFL Draft : New Orleans Saints
The 2012 NFL Draft will begin on Thursday, April 26 2012, and end on Saturday, April 28, 2012 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. The New Orleans Saints will have a total of five picks in this years draft, their first selection coming with the 26th pick in the third round, 89th overall.

N.F.L. Evolution: The Eminence of the Left Tackle and Other Myths -
Everyone keeps talking about the declining value of the running back. But the position is not losing importance - it's just changing.

Tulane defensive end Dezman Moses eager to get a call from an NFL team |

A positional analysis for the NFL Draft: quarterbacks - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -