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Random Observations: Potential Draft Selections

BERLIN - MAY 15:  Roman Hubnik of Berlin knows how the Saints can overcome their most recent draft issues.  Or he just really likes beer!
BERLIN - MAY 15: Roman Hubnik of Berlin knows how the Saints can overcome their most recent draft issues. Or he just really likes beer!

As we approach the 2012 NFL Draft, I know a lot of Saints fans are probably worried the team will be missing out on big name players in the first two rounds rounds; and I want to assure you that they will. While we are not in a position to get excited about the early rounds of the draft, it doesn't mean we can't still enjoy it. You can always try drowning your sorrows with a different selection of draft!

Make the jump to see what "draft" picks can help your NFL Draft woes.

I don't drink very often, but knowing my "team of choice" isn't even on the clock until deep into the third round has me taste testing new beers to help me pass the time for the first two rounds. I had to employ the expertise of a good friend who, in my humble opinion, is a libations connoisseur. Basically, he knows what to drink for special occasions.

First, we started with Abita Strawberry Harvest. While technically this is not a draft beer, it does come in limited supplies so I'm keeping it on the list, and ya'll can just pour it in a frosted mug. My first thought was that a strawberry flavored beer doesn't sound like a beverage for football fans. After deeper thought and several pulls from the bottle, I knew I was wrong. You still get the beer experience with a touch of sweetness at the end. I became an instant fan because the flavor could fit this draft perfectly. A little bitterness to begin the season with the possibility of sweetness in the postseason. Now wouldn't that be nice!

We also ran through a few more of the Abita brand brews like Andy Gator and Turbo Dog to ensure the Strawberry Harvest was the best choice and it was the most memorable of the three.

Next I wanted to try something fun so I chose the Pursuit of Hoppiness. It's not the best known brew but the bartender said most people that have tried it liked it. A beer named after one of the driving principles of our country and culture, how could they not? Of course they're going to like it and for good reason! This beer was a smooth combination of bitter and tart, sweet and flavorful with a good head of froth. I only mention this because I learned how the head of a beer is an integral part of a beer's flavor, and regardless of how well a beer is poured, a good beer should always give good head.

So those are my two recommendations to help drown your sorrows during the first two rounds of this year's draft. I would have tried more but my tolerance is not where it needs to be to conduct the proper research required for increased options.

Please let me know what other brews should be popular with Saints fans for the draft! Keep in mind you have two rounds to prepare for so have two choices.