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Fleur-de-Links: April 26, 2012



thursday workout ever!!!!!! I swear we are working.. We are ready for this season.... 100% attendance

mickey loomis says the espn reporter been in for 30 days & asking for anything negative on payton, other coaches, or .

Read a report that coach Payton didn't say hi to me at the pro-am yesterday. Possibly because I wasn't at the pro-am.

": is annoying and is a mediocre football player. nobody really cares what you think man" u follow me

Salute all my real followers!!! I love y'all fa real!!!

Movin like bernie! RT : touchdown dance

Saints Executive VP/GM Mickey Loomis will hold a press conference at 3:30 pm CT today. We'll have a link to watch it live later

": Even though I am an LSU fan, I am glad my Saints traded back in to the first round for you last year." !!

Every time I see RGIII on tee vee, I can't help but to think he missed his true calling as a one hit R&B wonder in the 80s.

Half shrimp half cat fish poboy and bout a lb o crawfish... I'm happy n content time to chill out n change clothes...

Anyone think we, , will trade up into the first round tonight? Would be exciting....

"People have the highest expectations of me, but what they don't know is that I have the highest." -Martez Wilson-

Check out at the 2009 NFL Draft

Big wknd for those aspiring nfl players. Good luck and God bless u all!!!

Dummy breakfast at Mano's w the fellas after a great workout. Been missing these breakfast sandwiches!

Just finished a great week of workouts! Film time now. Excited 2 b in OKC 4 Tommie Harris Golf Classic this weekend 2 support a good cause!

Not that Goodell owes Saints anything, but jerk move to not announce player suspensions BEFORE draft. Could've changed who Saints targeted.

Saints drafting a bit blind; they don't know who's out and for how long. Being deservedly punished is one thing, but why delay announcement?

So many teams are TRYing to get better tonight draft, just got done GETting better this morning!

NFL Insider on our show: The league is moving towards suspending the Pro Bowl possibly this year. Life support at best.


Daily Special, April 26, 2012 - Who Dat Social Club

Goodell: Saints player punishments won't be announced this week | New Orleans
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says the league is still doing interviews regarding player punishments that likely will be handed down for the Saints' pay-for-hits bounty system.

When the NFL draft begins Thursday, Saints are left out | New Orleans
The NFL draft begins Thursday night. With the Saints facing major penalties in the aftermath of the bounty scandal, could the selection process be more critical to the team this year than most?

EOSB: Saints have had success in mid- to late-rounds of draft lately | New Orleans
The Saints don’t have a pick in the first two rounds this season. No one should fret, however, about the lack of high picks.

Mickey Loomis talks bounty, eavesdropping, Brees on Pro Football Talk | New Orleans
See what New Orleans Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis had to say on Pro Football Talk via @wwltvsports' tweets on WWLTV's Storify:

Loomis: Brees' contract negotiations number one thing on my plate | New Orleans
Despite what appears to be a lack of progress on a contract with franchise quarterback Drew Brees, General Manager Mickey Loomis said the negotiations are the number one thing on his plate right now.

Saints Exiled Coach Payton To Make Most Of Time Away From Coaching
In the interest of full disclosure, Payton and I have had a few conversations over the past several weeks. He is genuinely affected by his banishment from the team and sport that he loves. He will certainly dispute the severity of those issues on a private level but he fully understands that things have been done wrong.

Sean Payton: Eavesdropping report is "hogwash" | ProFootballTalk
Suspended Saints head coach Sean Payton doesn't believe for a minute that General Manager Mickey Loomis eavesdropped on opposing coaches by tampering with communications devices at the Superdome.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell imposes his will again with draft day demands
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell issues a directive to networks covering the 2012 NFL Draft as well as all 32 NFL teams.

Saints Nation: Front Office Fears | April

PFT Live: Mickey Loomis and Armando Salguero | ProFootballTalk
We'll be talking about the draft on Thursday's PFT Live, but we'll also be talking with the man who has been at the center of two of the biggest stories of the NFL offseason.

New Orleans Saints must draft without word on player suspensions - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Interim coach Joe Vitt says team's draft strategy is unaltered by chaotic offseason

New Orleans Saints got their 2012 high draft pick last year in running back Mark Ingram - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Generla Manager Mickey Loomis said, 'Everything we saw last year just makes us more excited about Mark Ingram.'

Saints already know who will replace Vitt -- Gerry V |
Saints are more prepared than they're letting on

NFL draft: Robert Griffin III and family ties from New Orleans are poised to celebrate - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Grandparents from the 9th Ward will be cheering on the Heisman Trophy winner tonight

A Sex Bounty on Tim Tebow?