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NFL Draft 2012: Best Players Available

Is Mike Martin a third round possibility for the Saints?
Is Mike Martin a third round possibility for the Saints?

The Saints will finally be able to get in on all the NFL Draft action tomorrow when they're on the clock late in the third round (89th overall). But who is left after the first round that's worth selecting?

Fortunately, Dan Kadar of Mocking the Draft has a full list of the best available players still left in the draft. Definitely give it a look over before the picks start getting made tomorrow. The possibilities are endless, however, as to who from that list the Saints might select, if any. It would make sense, though, that the Saints would draft defense with their first pick of the year. Which is probably why Todd McShay has them taking DT Mike Martin from Michigan. So there's a name to look for tomorrow.

We'll be having an open thread tomorrow night, of course, starting an hour before the action begins so make sure to be there.

The NFL Draft returns to primetime in 2012. Catch all of the excitement of the 2012 NFL Draft on NFL Network April 26 - 28