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ESPN's Source for Loomis Eavesdropping Report Revealed

Tim Landry, a former sound and electrical worker for the New Orleans Saints has been identified as the initial source for ESPN's Mickey Loomis eavesdropping story from earlier this week, according to FOX 8's Lee Zurik.

And it was Landry who told ESPN reporter John Barr that Loomis' Superdome box had been secretly re-wired to listen in on visiting teams' coaching staffs. Allegedly.

How did Barr sniff out a former employee with damaging knowledge and the will to talk? That's where our old friend Kenny Wilkerson enters the picture:

Sources say ESPN's investigation of the Saints started with phone calls from reporter John Barr to a number of people with current and former ties to the Saints. Former WWL radio reporter Kenny Wilkerson confirms to FOX 8 News that Barr called him, looking for information on Sean Payton. Wilkerson tells us he gave Barr phone numbers for a number of people, including Tim Landry.

Landry, a contract employee, was fired by the Saints in 2007 after being accused by the team of using their equipment for non-team functions and improper billing.

I really thought this whole story would die off quickly but it looks like it will stay in the spotlight at least slightly longer. How do you guys feel about this whole situation now that more information has been revealed?