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Andrew Tiller NFL Draft Approval Poll

In the sixth round of the 2012 NFL Draft, New Orleans Saints have added Andrew Tiller, G, Syracuse, to the squad.

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Here's some expert analysis:

All of the in game pics i see of him (in Google Images) are of him HOLDING!


by Dan Kelly


He's a "Gutty" performer, whooop.

by metryman


OMG look at that gut on him!

by N_O_1saintfan


More like Grimace. If he gets called for holding often, that's the nickname I would suggest.

by coldpizza


"arrived at syracuse weighing approximately 400 pounds".... and hes coming to new orleans. all the restaurants thats went out of business at the news of shaun rogers leaving town and now back in the money.


And here's a "who knew?" factoid from Triplett:

Mike Triplett ‏ @TripTP
Just realized the #Saints haven't made a pick in the 6th round since 2008. Hope this one works out better than that one (K Taylor Mehlhaff)

What do you say, Mel?

Now we want to know what the Who Dat Nation really thinks about the team's newest addition. Please vote in the poll below.