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What Up With Dat?: Parcells and Personnel Questions Galore


Below are my answers to last weeks reader questions submitted Friday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

Is it safe to say with the signings of LBs Chamberlain & Lofton that Vilma & or Shanle days as a Saint are numbered? Also any word of free agent CBs/Safties coming in for visits/workouts? - F. Bazz

I'd like to answer your first question with a few questions of my own. Did the signing of Dan Morgan lead to the end of Vilma and/or Shanle? Did the signing of Brian Simmons lead to the end of Vilma and/or Shanle? Did the signing of Danny Clarke lead to the end of Vilma and/or Shanle? You getting my point here?

To answer your second question, the Saints had a visit scheduled with veteran cornerback Kelvin Hayden this past weekend.

Besides Tuna, who are some other candidates you feel the Saints will interview, including some who may satisfy the Rooney Rule? - B.R. Saints

We haven't heard any other names being thrown around as possible candidates for the interim head coaching position so I don't know if the Saints are interested in hiring anyone else from the outside other than Parcells. In other words, it's Parcells or promote from within. That's the impression I get. Personally, I think that's the way I'd prefer it to stay. And with off-season workouts set to begin April 16th, the clock is ticking.

What are the chances of Sean Payton or other staff getting fired? I haven't seen anyone really even bring up the idea. Do you think that the organization would do such a thing in order to seem "on board" with the NFL's reaction to the controversy? - C. Rescendo

I think if Tom Benson and/or the organization were going to fire anyone on the staff because of Bountygate, they would have done so already. I don't think it makes sense anymore at this point.

Any word on Brees Contract? This one is making me very nervous. - J. Ricky

You'd better prepare a change of underwear.

On the day your child is born... think you could go all amnesty and reinstate everyone you banned? - Sylvain G.

I'm not sure that would be such a good idea.

How many months into the year long suspension do you foresee Saints fans wearing their current "hot topic" #freepayton t-shirts? - Cold P.

The hysteria has already waned and #freepayton shirt sales have slowed to a trickle. I doubt anyone cares much past September. Winning will definitely help toward that end.

Why do the Saints need to satisfy the Rooney Rule for an interim head coach hire? Yesterday I read articles about how the Saints were making a mockery of the Rooney Rule by focusing on a white guy, Parcells, as the next coaching hire to fill in for Sean for a season. - X. Cuts

The Rooney Rule applies to interim head coach searches only if that search goes outside the team's current staff, which the Saints are doing by showing interest in Bill Parcells. So technically, the team should be required to interview a minority candidate. But the Saints can fulfill the Rooney Rule requirements with an internal interview and don't need to bring in a minority coaching candidate from the outside. The rule has good intentions but is, unfortunately, slightly flawed.

Do you think the Saints know, or at least have a good idea which players will be banned? With them signing two linebackers and Bunkley in the D line, do you think this was done as much out of damage prevention as it was necessity? - Matt M.

Yes, I think the Saints have at least some knowledge about which players may face suspensions because of their involvement with Bountygate and I believe they're making moves to control the damage.

Since Tracy Porter is no longer on the team, are the Saints looking to draft another CB with the 3rd round pick?- A. Special

Texas A&M cornerback Lionel Smith was reportedly scheduled to visit the Saints.

Any word on what is happening with Shaun Rogers or Abrayo Franklin? Seems strange not to hear anything, not even them visiting other teams. - Ship

No word, but I don't think it's strange at all. I think it just means both Rogers and Franklin suck. If the Saints are interested in bringing one or both back, they should be able to acquire their services for cheap. High five!