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New Orleans Saints 2012 NFL Draft Grades

2012 NFL Draft grades are in and for the Saints, it ain't pretty. Non of the "experts" gave the team a grade higher than a C this year - a stark contrast from their opinion of last year's draft class - even though the players have not yet signed contracts and aren't even close to setting foot on the practice field, much less seeing real game action.

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Make the jump to see the New Orleans Saints full draft results and how each of the major media outlets graded the team's 2012 draft. Then vote in our poll and put your own grade on the Saints draft performance.

Saints 2012 NFL Draft Class

Round Player Position School CSC Approval
3 Akiem Hicks DT Regina 84%
4 Nick Toon WR Wisconsin 90%
5 Corey White S Samford 62%
6 Andrew Tiller G Syracuse 56%
7 Marcel Jones OT Nebraska 79%

Saints 2012 Draft Grades


Saints Draft Grade


SB Nation


New Orleans did not have much to work with this year. They traded their first-round pick to get Mark Ingram last year. They paid for their seconnd-round pick in bounties. Nick Toon, a wide receiver from Wisconsin, is a natural replacement for Robert Meachem.

Was Akiem Hicks a better choice with their third-round pick than Brandon Thompson? They needed a defensive tackle.



The Saints traded away their first-round pick in a deal that landed them Mark Ingram in last year's draft, and the second-round pick had to be forfeited. So they knew they wouldn't be getting much impact. Akiem Hicks is a player I actually projected to New Orleans in my three-round mock, and he's got some upside. He had the talent to go to LSU, but ended up in Canada. He's been good, but is a tricky profile because of the lack of competition.Nick Toon can catch but he won't separate (we said the same about Marques Colston, on the positive side). Corey White was a reach on my board. Hopefully Hicks is a great sleeper, but no pass-rusher, no cornerback and no linebacker help in this draft.
Sports Illustrated


It's hard to do much without a pick in Round 1 or 2 ... and the Saints didn't do much. The keys will be DT Akiem Hicks' (89) transition from Canadian college ball to the NFL and WR Nick Toon's (122) ability to stay healthy. No one after that is a sure-bet to make the roster.
Sporting News


Key picks: DE Akiem Hicks, WR Nick Toon.

They were hampered by the picks lost in the bounty scandal and ended up with mainly projects.


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Well, "Bountygate" robbed them of a second-round pick and running back Mark Ingram cost them their first-round pick. When they finally made a choice, they took defensive tackle Akiem Hicks, who busted out of LSU and ended up playing in Regina, Canada. Hicks is from Sacramento, Calif., but he supposedly has tight ankles, according to Mike Mayock of the NFL Network. ... Syracuse guard Andrew Tiller is a space-eater in the mold of the departed Carl Nicks, while Al Toon's son, Nick Toon, is another big-body receiver, similar to Marques Colston. ... Nebraska tackle Marcel Jones is a mammoth man who will have to watch his weight.

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HansDat's Take: The New Orleans Saints were pretty hamstrung in this year's draft, due to the lack of actual selections and the absence of head coach Sean Payton. Not choosing until the third round put the Saints in the position of drafting for depth/special teams and taking chances on players who might pan out in a big way, or could also be shown the door before the end of pre-season. I found myself saying after each pick in this draft, "Who? Sure! Why not?" And that's why my ridiculously early grade for the 2012 draft class is a Sure, why not? letter grade of C.