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Saints Draft Grades 2012: Pete Prisco Still Hates the Saints

Earlier today we examined most of the 2012 NFL Draft grades given out by the "experts" and mainstream media. But there was one grade I deliberately withheld because it was so bad, I felt it was deserving of it's own post.

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It was the draft grade given by Pete Prisco of CBS Sports. Surprised? I know, me either. You might remember Prisco from similar Saints-hating moments, like the time he called Who Dat Nation "idiots."

So what did he give the Saints for their 2012 draft?

A big, fat F. That's right, while most analysts were harsh with their Saints draft grades this year, Prisco was harsher. He thinks the Saints flat out flunked.

Here's Prisco's analysis:

Best pick: Fourth-round receiver Nick Toon was a productive player at Wisconsin. He should be able to compete for a No. 4 job, which is a spot that sees the field for the Saints.

Questionable move: Bounty-gate. That caused them to get stripped of a key second-round pick.

Third-day gem: Guard Andrew Tiller, a sixth-round pick, plays with a nasty streak that fits the Saints' line. They put great emphasis on their guards with a small quarterback.

Analysis: It has been a tough four months for the Saints. This draft didn't do much to help them. They were without a first-round pick because of a bad trade for Mark Ingram last year. They lost their second in the scandal and then used the third on a defensive tackle from Canada. The beat goes on in New Orleans and it isn't a good one.

Grade: F

Ouch! That stings, Pete. It really, really stings. How could you?

Hey, I know that on paper the Saints don't look so hot with this draft class. But an F? Really? I did a little research and in the last five years, Prisco hasn't awarded a draft grade of F to any other NFL team except the Broncos in 2010, when they gave up second, third and fourth round picks to move up and take Tim Tebow. Surely the Saints didn't look that stupid this weekend.

Because lets face it, if he really didn't like the way the Saints handled this year's draft he could have just given them a D-. We would have still gotten the point. But Pete really wanted to stick it to the post-Bountygate Saints this time around. After all, they deserve it right?

At this point, I am just going to assume Prisco let his Saints hate get away from him a little too much when he put these grades together and is doing this on purpose purely to get a rise out of Saints fans. So I'm not going to stoop to his level and get angry here or start throwing out insults. I will let everyone who comments on this post to do that. Have at it, Saints fans.