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Rumor: Saints Sign Drew Brees to 5-Year Deal Worth $115 Million

A few unconfirmed sources are saying that the Saints have signed Drew Brees to a 5-year contract worth $115 million.

It's mentioned on and also via a Fleurty Girl tweet (of all places), neither of which are legitimate sources.

Unconfirmed rumor, but good enough sources to share: Drew Brees signed 5 year, $115 million contract! Just made my day!!

For those of you not doing the math at home, that would be $23 million a year, right at the top end of what Brees was hoping to receive.

That's all we can find at this point. Again, this is just an unconfirmed rumor. People keep mentioning "sources" but I have no idea who these sources could possibly be. Let's remain calm until more solid news is released.

UPDATE [04/04/12 6:01 PM CDT ]: Fleurty Girl's "source" is apparently a Tiger Droppings message board post, which is COMPLETELY unreliable so I highly doubt this is true. I'm thinking that single post is what started all of this. Idiots on message boards are not "sources" people!!!

@vip_nola @jessecbrooks @BGWhoDat this is where it started, not from our account specifically. RT to help filter it.