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Fleur-de-Links: April 5, 2012



David Cornwell said Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis told Gregg Williams to end bounty program when NFL advised team of investigation in Jan.

Joe Vitt's attorney, David Cornwell, said he is aware of Gregg Williams 49ers game comments. Said he was "rogue coach" about to be fired.

Times-Picayune: Personal player information is supposed to remain confidential, NFL teams are told

"Tru" reporting baby! Totally worth backstabbing an innocent and dying "friend". Congrats Sean Pamphilon, you're worse than Gregg Williams.

Can't wait to relax back home with after a hard battle with a turkey... Never thought I would be out smarted by a bird



Top 5 on 3rd down chill : F*** Greg Williams though. Sad ass bitch. All that mob talk & our defense was 25th last year. Ol hoe ass.

Times-Picayune: Documentary filmmaker who released Gregg Williams audio recording says truth needed to come out

Shout to all the saints players who leave all on the field# whodatnation behind you 100%..WHO DAT

Great first session of rehab n trainin!! Lunch time then back Grindin in a hour!!

Oh Jesus Christ. RT : Pamphilon was not media

My quick-take on the Gregg Williams tape: Over the line, but exposing the brutality of the sport.

One thing I will say, I didn't see any 49ers showing remorse after Donte Whitner's knockout shot on Pierre Thomas. It's part of the game.

Sources close to Saints said Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis directed Gregg Williams to ensure no inappropriate conduct would occur.

What I don't want to hear about is the purity and sanctity of the 49ers in face of Saints' evil. 49ers were blasting the Saints, too.

How can the Saints allow a filmmaker in their meeting room a week after being warned about the bounties? Seems stupid. Does not make sense.

Ok I'm back to being regular chilled Malcolm... Any positive news today?

Moral of the story? If you're shooting a film and can't afford Scorcese, go with Jason Berry.

in light the the gregg williams audio. i don't think i was ever on a team where a coach didn't mention an opposing players injury.

speeches like that can be heard across the league. sounds brutal outside the boundaries of a teams facility, but it's the standard.

if a corner has a hamstring injury you make him run. test him early & then test him again after the different w/ other injuries.

if he had a concussion you want to see how willing he is to tackle your rb. that's how it works. sounds harsh but it's part of strategy.

Unfortunately for NFL, we're seeing the underbelly of the sport largely hidden from masses. Seamy side of the business exposed.

Hey everybody I have a great idea! How about we spend the whole day bitching about the exact same s*** we bitched about a month ago?


Saints, Gleason expected Sean Pamphilon to keep recordings private | ProFootballTalk
In the hours since documentary filmmaker Sean Pamphilon released audio of former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams urging his players to injure players on the 49ers, one question has been asked over and over: What on earth was Williams thinking making those statements while a documentary f...

Instead of banning Gregg Williams, NFL should use him to its advantage - Don Banks -
With that explosive new piece of evidence regarding his favorite motivational techniques surfacing via audio tape, exiled former Saints defensive coordinator/ bounty program mastermind Gregg Williams has handed the NFL the ultimate bludgeon and all but dared Roger Goodell to transform Williams' indefinite league suspension into a career death sentence. It's that damning, and frankly that twisted, and it's all there, readily accessible on the Internet.

Kurt Warner: Saints game not unusual - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
At a time when the New Orleans Saints seem to be getting attacked from all angles, they have at least one prominent person defending them. Retired NF

Lions (sort of) ensnared in bounty story* - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
We've spent some time Thursday discussing the emotional reaction of one NFC North player to audio of former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator G

NFL Videos: Peter King addresses Saints appeals
Sports Illustrated senior NFL writer Peter King addresses the New Orleans appeals and the chances of their suspensions being reduced.

NFL Fans, Pundits Are Upset Saints Bounty Tape Shows How the Sausage Is Made | Bleacher Report
Audio that came out Thursday of former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, suspended following news of his involvement as a ring leader in the Saints' Bountygate, is quite damning...

Steve Gleason Claims Gregg Williams Audio Shouldn't Have Been Released | Bleacher Report
Filmmaker Sean Pamphilon, who captured controversial audio of former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams talking to his team about injuring opposing players ...

Documentary filmmaker who released Gregg Williams audio recording says truth needed to come out - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
'If this story hadn't broken and been made public, I would not have shared this it'

New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram is kicking in his rehab - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Ingram has been positive in his tweets

Joe Vitt's attorney says that Gregg Williams was told to end bounties - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
The lawyer says Williams was about to be fired

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton arrives for NFL appeal hearing - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Assistant Joe Vitt met with Roger Goodell for 90 minutes

Filmmaker Sean Pamphilon was a friend of the New Orleans Saints, not an enemy - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
He gained access because of his film on Steve Gleason

AUDIO: Gregg Williams targets 49ers players in pre-game meeting (Warning: graphic language) - New Orleans Saints -
A filmmaker released an audio file today that recorded a pre-game meeting then-Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams had with the defense that targets specific players to hurt.

The Sun Herald and warns readers that the audio contains very graphic language including the f-word and is not suitable for all ages.

NFL not commenting on whether it was aware of Williams audio | ProFootballTalk
One of the biggest questions arising from the audio generated by former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams before the Saints lost to the 49ers in the NFC playoffs is whether the NFL knew about the comments before meting out discipline in response to the bounty system.

Sean Pamphilon calls Gregg Williams an arrogant coward | ProFootballTalk
Sean Pamphilon, the documentary filmmaker who released an audio recording of former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams extolling his players to injure players on the 49ers, has also released a rambling, 6,000-word statement on the time he spent following the Saints to chronicle the life of ...

Tru Dat The United States of Football
This is a LONG-held league wide practice and in the mind of any reasonable person without an ax to grind, in no way should it be mentioned in the same sentence as a "Bounty." PERIOD. End of Story.