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Five Quick Thoughts on the Gregg Williams Audio

  1. The Saints defense either really sucked in the post-season or refused to listen to anything Gregg Williams told them because they played with none of the intensity Williams demanded the night before the game.
  2. The release of these audio recordings by Steve Pamphilon will probably mean a step back for bloggers and the like in their never-ending quest for team access.
  3. Sean Payton's appeal has no chance. Gregg Williams' problems just got worse.
  4. This ought to show the conspiracy theorist Saints fans who think the team is innocent that maybe the NFL actually does have the evidence against the team they claim to have. So let's just admit the Saints were caught with their pants down and begin moving away from all the conspiracy rhetoric. Please?
  5. Gregg Williams is either arrogant, ignorant, or both for letting cameras roll during this team meeting. Even if he thought he could trust the filmmakers.