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Fleur-de-Links: April 6, 2012

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And to be clear, Pamphilon was not a member of the media when he taped this. He gained access as a friend of the team b/c of Steve Gleason.

Duncan (again... sigh): The most important thing is that PAMPHILON IS NOT THE MEDIA!!! DO NOT BLAME THE MEDIA, YOU DUMBASS MISGUIDED FANS!!!

If you believe Gleason's statement, and I 100% do, then this Pamphilon guy should disgust you.

Check out

Lrn all U can from the mistakes of others. U wont have time to make them all yoself. A wise man learns to imitate the successes of the wise"

Good Fridday!

You know you're doing something right when... RT : Just got my first angry email from Message Board Guy. Hi five!

Media doesn't necessarily = journalist. Square/rectangle. RT : Was Pamphilon a member of media? It matters:

What Sproles looks like in the new uniform in Madden 13!

Great Workout W The Homie Tom Johnson-Watching ESPn & Stephen A Smith Just Said Dwight Howard Breath Smells Like Simalac wtf

On Easter Sunday, about 30,000 people are expected to attend the Celebration Church in Austin, Tx., and hear Jets QB Tim Tebow preach.

jus got astymed by ... Rehab n maintenance on the body

Great news!! Today we recognize the fact that Jesus died for us and paid the price we couldn't afford! That news never gets old!!!

Hahahaha u cut jackson's top half out of the pic!! RT : Ohh just playing with my BFF love my

I see you doing the thriller dance at that Hollywood Bootcamp lol... How was it ?

Got my Peak Vision Sunglasses today. Hope this will cure my golfing woes haha

Lool Chillll : Lol Hahaha just showed talking to Gregg Williams!

Have to wonder if Pamphilon opened himself up to a lawsuit or two. He could not have picked a more self-serving manner to reveal the tapes

Bottom line, Sean Pamphilon betrayed the trust of Steve Gleason. Well-intentioned or not, he put Steve in a difficult spot. Sad situation.

A decision today on Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis' appeal is possible but not likely.

Full statement from Steve Gleason on Gregg Williams the videographer and his battle with ALS:

Why is no on talking bout how Pamphilon betrayed Gleason and his family??

Where are the best places to eat in the Big Easy?

Addicted to watching 24!

Former Giants LB Carl Banks says Gregg Williams’ pre-game speech is typical of what you hear in the

Up and ready to get better today

Good morning everyone and TGI Good Friday!!! Have a great day and start to this holiday wknd.


Former NY Giants LB Carl Banks says ex-Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams’ pre-game speech is typical of what you hear in the NFL - NY Daily News
The audio seems damning and stunning at first, but to Carl Banks, a two-time Super Bowl champion with the Giants it is simply a coach "getting his guys riled up."

Pamphilon and Williams: Scum Exposing Scum " The Angry Who Dat news: Williams' independent-contractor status fueled rogue mentality
Williams was reckless on the night before the game, but he was also reckless during the game. It was obvious to experts watching the contest that Williams was more interested in showcasing his play-calling skills in front of a large television audience than doing what was needed to win the game.--SATCH NOTE: I can totally agree with this part.

Steve Gleason Statement On Release Of Saints Locker Room Audio From Gregg Williams
In light of the news story which first appeared on yesterday, I feel it's necessary to share my thoughts.

Former New Orleans Saints player Steve Gleason says he did not authorize release of tapes - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
He released a statement

Chicago White Sox GM Kenny Williams issues a statement on New Orleans Saints targeting his son - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

NFL should have sought to stop excessive violence years ago: A letter to the editor |

Bounties weren't a novel idea by the Saints: A letter to the editor |

Sapp calls Williams’ comments "most heinous, egregious thing in history of this game" | ProFootballTalk
Michael Irvin, a Hall of Famer who has a reputation for saying exactly what he thinks, had some strong things to say on NFL Network in response to the audio from Gregg Williams' speech to his players the night before the NFC playoff game between the 49ers and Saints.

Release of Gregg Williams Tape Was Warning to Parents -
Let it not be forgotten that the 49ers beat the Saints in the playoffs in no small part because one of the 49ers hit a Saints player in the head near the goal line, causing him to fumble. That was a legal hit, and the N.F.L., for all its progress and talk of progress on safety, did not discuss making it illegal in the latest round of off-season rules tinkering.

Raiders coach Allen has no reaction to Saints tape
Raiders head coach Dennis Allen, who worked under Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, didn't have a reaction to the audiotape advocating hard hits before the Jan. 14 playoff game against the 49ers . The former...

Audio of ex-Saints coach Gregg Williams adds to bounty outrage

More damaging evidence against Saints -
Assistant coach who admitted guilt in bounty scandal is caught on tape urging team to injure 49ers players before playoff game in January.

Report: Suspended assistant Gregg Williams insulted Lions | The Detroit News |
According to PFT, which had access to the full 12-minute audio which was quickly disabled on several web sites, Williams could be heard handing envelops to players who made big plays against the Lions.

Thursday's appeals another chapter in crumbling relationship of Saints Coach Sean Payton and Gregg Williams - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

Filmmaker blended into background of New Orleans Saints locker room - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams likely ignored Steve Gleason documentary producer

NFL Videos: Gregg Williams pep talk under scrutiny
Former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams allegedly instructed his players to injure 49ers players before their playoff game this year. Get the latest information here.