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2012 NFL Mock Draft: The Carolina Panthers Select...

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With the ninth pick of the 2012 CSC Community Mock Draft, the Carolina Panthers (chosen by DatFan) select...

Michael Brockers, DT, LSU

In a perfect mock draft, Carolina would trade down and get some more picks. If that were to happen, the Panthers could get a good offensive or defensive lineman and accumulate more picks to fill other holes. But me being the homer that I am...I'm picking Michael Brockers from LSU.

I was going to take Kendall Wright, the speedy receiver from Baylor, but the run on wide receivers ahead of this pick was unexpected. It seems like any pick at this slot outside of the top three is a reach. Dontari Poe and Brockers can play over the center but Brockers also has the ability, quickness and experience to line up at defensive end. I don't think Carolina goes wrong with either one of these guys. But I believe Brockers is more versatile.

Brockers' unmatched combination of size, athleticism, strength and youth is tantalizing, however. He played with great passion and the awareness of a four-year not one-year starter in 2011. Capable of starring as a three-technique defensive tackle or holding the point as a five technique defensive end, Brockers will be highly valued by 4-3 and 3-4 teams, alike. If he plays with the same passion in the NFL that he did for the Tigers in 2011, he'll prove to be a standout regardless of the scheme he's placed into.

Carolina's offense scored 406 points in 2011 and were fifth in points scored. If the defense can be decent and Cam Newton cut down on the turnovers then Carolina will compete for the division title and who knows, in a few years possibly own the division! Cam has already proven capable of the type of offensive explosion to compete with the Saints. Carolina ranked 28th defensively in 2011. The Saints were 24th. If Carolina improves on that number they will be very dangerous!

Below are the complete results from our community mock draft.

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Pick Team Selection Team Representative Approval Rating
1 Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck - Stanford Legatron Morstead 77%
2 Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III - Baylor VAsaintsfan 78%
3 Minnesota Vikings OT Matt Kalil - USC Hans Petersen 69%
4 Cleveland Browns RB Trent Richardson - Alabama Fan since the Aints 81%
5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers CB Morris Claiborne - LSU Alex Swift 50%
6 St. Louis Rams WR Justin Blackmon - Oklahoma St. GRIZZ 73%
7 Jacksonville Jaguars WR Michael Floyd - Notre Dame AcquiredPanic
8 Miami Dolphins WR Kendall Wright - Baylor were gonna need a bigger boat
9 Carolina Panthers DT Michael Brockers - LSU DatFan