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Fleur-de-Links: Saturday, April 7



Drew Brees Just watched the CBS show The Mentalist. One of my favorites. What did we do before DVR?

Jermon BushrodCalling it a night now... Goodnight to y'all.. To everyone OUT.. Be safe!!

cameron jordan Jus popped in my head, zoom zoom zoom make my heart go boom boom boom my supernova girl... Really tho-_- how'd that pop into my head!!

Thomas MorsteadDoing my first Bikram Yoga this morning in New Orleans... 90 minutes in a 105degree room, Don't think I'm ready for this... #WhoDat

JUNIOR GALETTE@JuniorG93 Y'all think I'm joking about Madden I'm not How Am I the slowest D End on Our team in madden 12 but the Fastest In Real Life SNUBBED #NuLa

Scott Shanle@JuniorG93 uh oh I think there is a way to resolve this !! Always looking for ways to make offseason workouts more entertaining.

Lance MooreHahahahaha RT @DLO614: The young goons @NickMoore_1 @LanceMoore16

Lance MooreGoing ham on this saturday i see joe lol RT @jmthegreat: #teamstraightshots

Nick MooreMy mom put lance on the map. Made his hs football highlight tape on the VCR, Countless hrs. Then Toledo said it was too dummy to be real lol

cameron jordanI've been doin spring cleanin to some pretty good music 3LW no more came on

Canal St. ChroniclesThat guy Pamphilon is really giving the media a bad name. He should have his media credentials taken away. #bwahahahaha

Mark Ingram "@RobHenry15: Did everything in practice yesterday from skelly to blitz and team. No soreness today. My knee feels great." God is good!

Lance MooreHad a serious Danny Tanner moment this morning. Cleaned pretty much the whole house, laundry and linens. I even dusted lol (HansDat note: Who's Danny Tanner?)

cameron jordanO schnapps basketball n bounce with me, Lil bow wow hahaha it's gon b a good day (HansDat note: is he drinking?)

Chase DanielLove spending #Easter weekend at the beach! I'm excited and ready to start our offseason program April 16th! #Saints

Thomas Morstead Bikram Yoga was so difficult for me, mental battle the last 30 minutes

Canal St. ChroniclesYes, I would like to make sure everyone knows: filmmaker Pamphilon was not given access to the Saints as a member of the blogging community!

Thomas Morstead"@Whodat_chic: Would you do it again? RT @thomasmorstead: Bikram Yoga was so difficult for me, mental battle the last 30 minutes" Yes ma'am!

Will Smith Enjoying Easter weekend with the family.



NFL will answer for creating a culture of violence - ESPN The Magazine |
Thought Roger Goodell's response to Bountygate was harsh? Wait until the NFL's own judgment day, when the league has to answer for creating a culture of violence, writes Howard Bryant in ESPN The Magazine.

Decision on Appeals in N.F.L. Bounty Case Could Come Monday |
Judy, Judy, Judy (Battista again) - Commissioner Roger Goodell’s soon-to-be-announced decision on the discipline appeals by the New Orleans Saints offers a chance to send a message about the primacy of player safety.

Kurt Warner thinks Gregg Williams deserves a second chance | ProFootballTalk
Michael David Smith - With several current and former NFL players coming forward in the last couple days to say that ex-Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams should be banned for life for orchestrating the team's bounty program, one of the targets of that program is speaking up for second chances.

Why Was Gregg Williams Quoting Memoirs of a Geisha? - The Triangle Blog |
Chris Ryan - You know what's crazy about the audio of Gregg Williams's pregame speech that was released to the media today? Everything. It's pretty crazy. (From April 5, 2012)

Tape Reveals Saints’ Williams Singling Out 49ers for Injury |
Judy Battista - As Saints officials were appealing their suspensions by the N.F.L., a tape was released on which Gregg Williams directed his players to hit various San Francisco players in the head.

Sean Pamphilon - Showbizman With Increased Exposure | saints nation
Andrew Juge

Steve Gleason: 'I did not authorize the public release of any recordings' |
"In light of the news story which first appeared on yesterday, I feel it's necessary to share my thoughts."

Gleason upset over release of recording | The Advocate
Brett Martel - A recording of then-New Orleans defensive coordinator Gregg Williams urging players to deliver punishing hits on specific San Francisco players was released without approval from retired special teams standout Steve Gleason, who had helped a documentary film maker gain behind-the-scenes access to the Saints.

Steve Gleason says he did not OK release of New Orleans Saints audiotape |
Nakia Hogan - But filmmaker chronicling former Saints who has ALS says the contract wasn't broken.

Filmmaker Sean Pamphilon refutes claim by Sean Gleason |
Filmmaker Sean Pamphilon is refuting a claim by retired special teams standout Steve Gleason that he released a recording of then-New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams without legal permission.

Filmmaker Fires Back At Gleason Over Williams Recording | WWL - AM870
AP/ report


(Regular offseason) Saints Stuff

Interview With Saints' DT Mitch King | Saints Nation
Andrew Juge

Saints DE Will Smith Honors New York High School Students |



Arthur Blank explains Falcons' offseason - NFC South Blog |
Pat Y. - Given the way Atlanta Falcons fans have reacted to what the team has done (or, more accurately, not done) this offseason, I was expecting Arthur Blank to pull out earmuffs as he reached into his pocket just before the start of an interview last week.

KSK Mock Draft: Celebrity Fights | Kissing Suzy Kolber
Unsilent Majority - Celebrities are always feuding, but rarely does it develop into the the bloody violence will all crave.