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Fleur-de-Links: April 9, 2012



Payton"s incentives to not bend commissioner discipline by coaching from home - reinstatement, financial reduction and 2013 draft pick.

Eat a d***. RT : I say this with all seriousness: The league will miss Sean Payton's offensive mind. He is one of the best.

As expected, Saints' discipline is upheld on appeal. And as per Goodell model, "carrots" in place for reduced financial penalties.

If NO has poor year and 2nd Rd draft choice is a high second rounder, NFL may revisit severity of fining them a high 2nd rd draft pick

Asked Parcells if he has had further talks with Saints about the job. "Absolutely none", he said.

Family Guy Till I Pass out !

": still coming to Lafayette?" yes, I will be in Lafayette this Saturday from 10 AM to 1 PM

NFL could modify Saints' loss of 2013 2nd-rd pick. But Saints still will lose at least one pick, just maybe a less valuable pick or picks.

NFL's legal troubles and politics were the real factors for his decision to uphold the suspensions. Geaux to

RFA LB Jonathan Casillas told me he just wrapped up his visit with the .

Another Beastie Workout S/o 2 for getting that grind in as well Feb 3rd 2013 Count Us In! !! !

Oklahoma fishing!

Was definitely surprised by the homie on the 650 challenge. He persevered and is that guy for the day lol

Homemade steak salad for lunch! Yummm

Almost had to Google the word modifying RT : modifying forfeiture of 2013 pick means [NFL] could take lower-round pick instead

Wow, a reporter retweeting a tweet linking to his own story that he tweeted about

Legit Media™ 4EVA! RT : 551-day-old Instagram is worth $1 billion. 116-year-old New York Times Co.: $967 million.

Ouch... RT : So "Free Sean Payton" campaign worked. Because that's exactly how u get him now ... free.

So basically, if the Saints keep their noses clean & cooperate, they might get their 2012 second-round draft pick back.

Sean Payton's entire discipline stands, but Mickey Loomis and Joe Vitt's financial penalties could be reduced.

Saints appeals fail. But file this one under the "better to regret something you did than something you didn't do" dept. for Saints.

All I know is it ain't the Legitimate Media™'s fault.

Great moments happen when normal people take advantage of situations!

This was taken right after broke the record! Look at my hops! Haha.

For the Greater Good™ though, defending the honor of the Legitimate Media™ RT : You're being obtuse.

Dunc yet again fails to get this straight RT : : So let me get this straight. Youre saying the NFL invented

:owned: RT : Reporting that there are "Emails, multiple sources, Gregg's admission of guilt" is called stenography.


NFL’s Roger Goodell cares more for cash than safety - Dan Le Batard -
It really has been fascinating to watch the flames climb on this New Orleans Saints story, the emperor of a very violent business feeding a howling and eager media one crumb at a time, keeping this dirty story in front of the eyes of his customers for more than a month now.

Brian Frederick: Saints Fans Are Being Unfairly Punished by the NFL
It's extremely hypocritical for Goodell to be so harsh on bounties while continuing to claim that fans would prefer an 18-game season, which would lead to more injuries. (Most fans don't want 18 games, they would rather not have to pay regular price for 4 preseason games, but the NFL intentionally ignores a 16-2 option that would reduce player injuries and fan costs.)

New Orleans Saints, Gregg Williams and Sean Payton, architects of Bountygate and leaked audio tape, only give America what it craves - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Journalists, the guardians of democracy, have mastered the art of ignoring authentic injustice and writing safe narratives that enhance their Twitter followings and/or ingratiate them with the sources they cover. Consider this: No sport has more "heavyweight" sports journalists covering it than the NFL, but commissioner Roger Goodell "broke" the Saints bounty scandal. Goodell is our editor.

Saints Penalties Upheld - ESPN Video - ESPN
ESPN Video: Roger Goodell upholds discipline imposed on Saints for bounty program after hearing appeals.

NFL Videos: Fallout of New Orleans Saints' failed appeals
Michael Lombardi chimes in on the NFL's decision to deny the Saints' appeals and what that means for coach Sean Payton.

NFL statement on New Orleans Saints penalties - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
'At the conclusion of the suspensions, the commissioner will review'

The New Orleans Saints' appeal to the NFL could bear fruit - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
If they cooperate they could have some things 'modified'

Bill Parcells tells New York reporters he hasn't spoken with New Orleans Saints in six days - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Parcells knows 'absolutely nothing' on coaching situation

New Orleans Saints could get reduction in 2013 NFL draft penalty - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

Peter King Is Neither Rat Nor Hero, But One Word: Sad | Kissing Suzy Kolber
When we last left chess-piecing sentence builder, Peter King, he learned the starling news that shooting ranges exist just hours away from where Trayvon

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Futures: Studying "The Asterisk"
The Saints begin the game with consecutive partial rolls. The first one takes place on first-and-10 with 9:27 in the opening quarter. The Saints offense has the ball at the far hash with the line occupying the narrow side of the field.

New Orleans Saints lose appeals to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Suspensions will go as first handed down news: Ex-Packer Butler 'not surprised' by 'bounty' scandal
"I have probably heard the exact same speech since I was in ninth grade, without the targeting of guys’ specific body parts," Butler told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "That was kind of crazy. But I’m not surprised. People are surprised by this, to me, they have always turned a blind eye to football."

The Score: NFLPA Hires Fulbright & Jaworski for 'Bountygate' Probe