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Who Dat Social Club: The New (Old) Kid in Town


"Well I passed by this little place a time or two before And I liked the words they had painted on the door ... I wonder what they're doing at the social aid and pleasure club That's two things that I'd like to see plenty more of" - Subdudes

It is with great pleasure that I announce to you the launching of the internet's next great Saints blog: Who Dat Social Club.


Before you go running over there to check it out, let me just tell you that it's no ordinary Saints blog. Who Dat Social Club is going to be good. Very good. How do I know? Because it happens to be the pet project of our very own MtnExile.

That's right. You've rec'd his comments and FanPosts here at Canal Street Chronicles for years. Now, M-E has his very own platform to call his own, where his photoshop acumen blends seamlessly with his Saints-loving, anti-establishment ranting.

Okay, you may now go check out Who Dat Social Club. Before you get settled in, I suggest you read his introduction. And sign up for an account while you're there.