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Fleur-de-Links: May 10, 2012



Rookie lockers are set for mini camp this weekend

Another great week of workout done with. On my way back to Miami. Hope everybody's ready for the weekend.

NOLA native & Arkansas alum Jerico Nelson () taking his head shot

Just posted a photo

If this is news, then we have life messed up ": Rihanna Unfollows Chris Brown on Twitter (Blog) "

": Everybody likes you when you up but you find out who really ride with you when you down. Real talk"

If blueberries help improve your memory and chocolate makes me happy would chocolate blueberries give me happy memories?

": In the gym listening to "Miami nights" thinking about this weekend." So pumped for this weekend!!!

Finally landed in New Orleans

This guy, this is my kinda guy. RT : RT : honored to wear Steve Gleason number! Thanks for ... the opportunity to do so

Some Say I'm Paranoid I Say I'm careful How I Choose My Friends...Been 2 ICU Once I Aint going Again...

Whatup NOLA?!?! Headed to the facility!

You have received a YouTube video!

Sometimes I wish I could change the world... To many bad things happening to people...

Words from a wise vet to me my rookie yr 06. "Take care of ur body and ur body will take care of u" 16 yr vet J Mayberry... Thanks.

That man said I'm the best ever, I'm ferocious, I want your heart, I want to eat your children!!


He's going to have show us evidence...IF he has any

Thot 4 2day: Running away from any problem only increases the distance from the solution.

All of my life I have always had the urge to do things better than anybody else.

"Success has 1,000 mothers, failure is an orphan" Paul Marshall Unless the is behind u they support always!

": If the 76ers don't win it tonight then it's over for them modafuckas, there is no way Chicago will lose game 7 at home"


Urban League of Greater New Orleans and The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation Team Up To Deliver Scholarshi

Saints Nation: Now or Never for Adrian Arrington | May

When Drew Brees and New Orleans Saints will sign the contract
When Drew Brees and New Orleans Saints will sign the contract

Hargrove says NFL "grossly mischaracterized" his words | ProFootballTalk
When the declaration of former Saints defensive end Anthony Hargrove was published on Monday, many in the media (including ESPN) interpreted it to mean that Hargrove had been told to lie by Saints coaches.

Carter says "bounty" was poor choice of words | ProFootballTalk
Surprise, surprise. Surprise. A day after former NFL receiver Cris Carter launched into an extended riff about the use of bounties during his playing days, ignoring multiple efforts by ESPN Radio's Mike Hill and Mark Schlereth to steer Carter toward a safe harbor of clarification and/or equivoc...

Carter keeps talking about bounties | ProFootballTalk
The good news is that Cris Carter's confession to a career of bounties has gotten ESPN to quit talking about whether current and former NFL players will let their kids play football. The bad news is that we've now heard far more about Cris Carter and bounties that we ever wanted to hear.

Ex-Saint Hargrove disappointed NFL discussed his statement - New Orleans Saints -
NEW ORLEANS -- Suspended former Saints defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove says he is disappointed his sworn statement regarding the NFL’s bounty investigation was leaked and also that the league has "grossly mischaracterized" his words.

Still no developments in New Orleans Saints contract talks with Drew Brees - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Talks have been practically non-existent for weeks

NFL bounty punishment being questioned by some in league - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Some former players and league sources are privately accusing the league of a double standard

NFL Must Be Transparent About Saints Punishments, or Risk Losing Credibility | Bleacher Report
No story in the NFL this offseason has been more sordid than the "player bounty" scandal that has engulfed the New Orleans Saints , leading to the suspensions of players and coaches both in New Orleans and elsewhere...