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Da Chronic's Offseason Survival Series Podcast: Show Your Evidence Edition


Dave explains why public opinion is slowly turning against Roger Goodell in the Jonathan Vilma suspension case. Kevin thinks the likelihood of the NFL releasing evidence for the public to see is non-existent. The boys also discuss the offseason for the rest of the NFC South. Dave also wonders if Drew Brees can still talk to Sean Payton since he's a free agent while Kevin says if he can then Drew should probably head to House of Blues and wait for Payton to get off the stage.

Ralph so badly wants the Saints to drive the national media insane by winning the Super Bowl in 2013 that he's willing to suffer through five years of losing to get it. There is also a movie review of The Avengers and discussion of best super hero movie ever. Hardcore football!!!

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Warning: explicit language and adult content.