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Fleur-de-Links: May 11, 2012



Rainy day. Me and the goat blowing the train horn at these golfers teeing off... Also eagerly waiting on my new bow. Thanks

Many Saints players playing in 's Golf Tournament today!

Great shirts! RT hosting Golf Tourn. to benefit Children's Hospital. Many players here

Dela shot from 150 away plush...

Ummm thats lol RT : Loving me some super-sized smiles!

U right every dollar o mine i count,I c u ballin! RT : $100 means much more to u than $100 to me lol

Delayed a second time? On my way to bachelor party? Had to make the decision...

Whatever you aspire you can become just make sure you're reasonable with yourself..

People will have there opinions and thoughts but only yours matter

It's a process..

You just blew my mind. RT : Can't wait for the Decoded NFL Bounty Gate episode. What if I told Rogeer Goodell is an illuminati?

1 practice down 1 more to go gotta improve if I want to make this team

It's a sad day when I realize I know more "Backstreet Boys" lyrics than my wife

Light workout... In bed watching movies for the rest of this Friday and then going hard tomorrow.

A lot of movies were shot in new Orleans.....

2nd tourney of the week all for a good cause.

Are you ready?? - May16th- Zephyrs Field... Be there!

Top line when you delete someone number and they hit you up? I got a new phone lol!!!!!!

What bothers you more than showing up to the airport and finding out your flight is delayed?

I really am listening to a "sign drew brees" song on 97.1 in New Orleans right now. We are so rachet here, I love the NO

": There Are No Such Things As Mistakes As Long As u Learn From it...Then it's A Blessing Live N Learn=PROGRESS"

NFL still getting hearing schedule set up for Saints, other suspended players' appeals. Thus, no decision expected this week.

So Nakia Hogan is the new guy on the Saints beat? What was he before? (Primarily LSU?) And who, if anyone, is on the way out?

Per , Mike Ornstein's email saying to put him down for bounty money is questioned:

After reading this () I question Roger Goodell more. The NFL has grossly manipulated this story & railroaded Sean Payton

My conclusion is the NFL suspected a bounty program without much proof on Saints. So they hung them with circumstantial evidence.

NFL hid weak "evidence" & flaunted it as gospel. This doesn't change the Saints' guilt, but does expose NFL as very shady in their process.

And Sean Payton has a year suspension when no NFL head coach in history has ever had ONE GAME. Based on what the NFL has, that's criminal.


Players, NFL disagree on context of bounty email | New Orleans
An email from an imprisoned friend of the Saints coaching staff with a postscript saying, "put me down for $5,000" on Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers has become another sore point between players being punished for New Orleans' bounty system and

Opinion: The time has come for NFL to show its hand | New Orleans
For nearly two months, Saints fans and the players they love have pleaded for the NFL to release information it had on the alleged bounty program.

Urban League of Greater New Orleans and Malcolm Jenkins Foundation Team Up To Deliver Scholarship

Nelson Thrilled for Opportunity to Represent Hometown Team

Saints Open Rookie Minicamp

Saints Nation: LSU's Ryan Baker Getting a Tryout Shot with Saints | May

Mike Ornstein's email saying to put him down for bounty money is questioned - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
He says he was in jail at the time and couldn't send money

PFT Live: Chris Kluwe and Jonathan Vilma’s attorney Peter Ginsberg | ProFootballTalk
Another week of PFT Live wraps up with Friday's edition of the program. Vikings punter Chris Kluwe and Peter Ginsberg, the attorney for Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma, will each join Mike Florio.

The NFL has unclean hands: Letter to the editor |

New Orleans Saints add cornerback Marquis Johnson to the fold - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Move should provide for competition at cornerback

League, union at odds over Ornstein email | ProFootballTalk
Unless and until the NFL produces raw evidence that demonstrates player involvement in a bounty program or player funding of payments made to other players for knocking opponents out of games, suspicions will remain that the NFL is embellishing the bounty evidence in order to justify hitting the Saints hard enough to deter all teams, players, and coaches from using bounties in the future.