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Fleur-de-Links: Saturday, May 12



Jedidiah CollinsW/ all the amazing improvements in technology &the incredible discoveries in science, still NO Hangover cure?!?! #SomeoneISNotdoingTheirJob

Reid G. "... goal is to find a forum that will compel #NFL to share evidence" I Saints grievance hearings coming May 16, 30

Reid G.Anyone know who actually hears these grievances and how they're adjudicated?

Reid G.@TripTP Mike, who governs the grievance process filed by the Saints? Is Goodell solely responsible for hearing the grievances?

Mark Ingram Man God is good!! Blessed to see another day!!

Larry HolderHeath Evans said yesterday that Drew Brees will miss his May 16 charity softball game if Brees isn't signed. Evans doesn't have high hopes.

Chase Daniel@LHolderCBS too bad. Probably good for drew that he will miss the softball game as I don't want to embarrass him in HomeRun Derby!

Larry Holder@ChaseDaniel Honestly, one of the first things I thought of when Heath told me that was that you'll win the Derby by a landslide.

lex RestrepoThe @ChaseDaniel roll aka "Chasesanity" at @rocknsakesushi #NOLA

cameron jordanHahaha it's so early in the am in my head, on a sat! Can u say phones and ferb!!!

JUNIOR GALETTEThey Got Fat While We Starved...It's Our Turn... #NuLa

Seymour D. FairThe 1984 World's Fair (Louisiana World Exposition) opened 28 years ago today (also on a Saturday). 28 years?!?!?!?! #nola

Seymour D. Fair The 1984 World's Fair monorail vehicles are currently in use at Zoo Miami (aka Miami MetroZoo). #nola

Held Over"@JHScramble: LMAO at Flacco being the "one of football's best players"" According to what "brain trust"?

Albert BreerSorting thru rookie minicamp stuff, my annual brake-pumping: Most impressive show I ever saw at one of those was put on by ... Chad Jackson.

Albert BreerAnd I think anyone who was at Patriots rookie camp in 2006 would back me on that. Jackson was SPEC-TAC-ULAR. Which meant little in long run.

New Orleans SaintsIn the eyes of a Mascot: Watch what it would be like to be our Mascot Gumbo at an event!

Drew BreesPic of me and McConaughey on Gov Nichols balcony in French Quarter. Had a great event together this am...Amazing Race

JUNIOR GALETTEJust Got A Nice Sweat in The Sauna--No Days Off

Chase DanielMama and baby Hippo at the Topeka Zoo!

martez wilson4 2day: Being judgmental is the same as being observant, poor judgment can lead to terrible decision makin. Observe yo enemy closely-Martez

Greg RomeusBody dumb sore

Chase DanielEnjoying a nice Saturday extra close to a Lion!

Lance Moore Yep! RT @scarpio1105: @LanceMoore16 .... Will you be in the Heath Evans softball game ?

cameron jordanRemember when Disney channel would release a movie every month... Now I only get one every six

Zach StriefWholefoods is insanely busy today. Holy cow... #throwbackcomment

Lance Moore Knowing that life is too short! RT @Bearnmind: @LanceMoore16 U are the mort consistently positive person ive ever seen. What's your secret?

Lance MooreRT @RegJones29: There are way too many amazing accomplishments in this world to believe that you CAN'T do something... #ChangePerspective

Lance MooreHey twitter I think I need a new avi! Anybody wanna make one for me? Twitpic and I'll choose the best one later today

Nate BUSSEY Mini camp lol be done by 7 RT "@JRatliffOndroad: @NateBUSSEY59 <<what's up wya with it ??"

Zach Strief"@WhoDatTN: @ZachStrief What is your favorite Jimmy John's sandwich? I tend to stick with that #10" #9 of course

Johnny PatrickWhat's up new Orleans.. What are everyone's plans tonight in the city....

JUNIOR GALETTETalk $ B4 Anything ELSE HOMIE E.S.L. #Bars @TheReal100K

Johnny PatrickCongrats to everyone graduating today!!!!

Mark Ingram Everyone should follow and learn from @team_gleason!! The ultimate inspiration!! #NoWhiteFlags

Lance MooreUr in the lead RT @CrazyWhoDatXLIV: @LanceMoore16 took me a little while but here you go tell me what you think #WHODAT

New Orleans Saints 3rd Round Pick Akiem Hicks (@The_Dream99) at Rookie Mini Camp #Saints

New Orleans Saints4th Round Pick WR Nick Toon (@Nick2oon) at Rookie Mini-Camp #Saints

Zach StriefThese young bucks are fortunate. @J_7TRE_E how hot was it for our rookie minicamp?


Saints Mini-Camp

Saints Rookies Take The Field |
Kristian Garic - The Saints take the field! Well the rookies will at least. The Black and Gold will hold their annual rookie mini camp at team headquarters this weekend.

Saints start minicamp Friday | The Advocate
Staff Report - The New Orleans Saints coaching staff will get a chance to see the five players they selected in the recent NFL draft when they hold a rookie minicamp from Friday through Sunday.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees issues playful reply to rookie teammate's comments |
Rookie said he looked forward to picking off all-world quarterback in practice.


Bountygate Bulls***

Saints grievance hearings coming on May 16, 30 | ProFootballTalk
Mike Florio - If you weren't watching PFT Live on Friday, you missed lawyer Peter Ginsberg talking extensively and in-depth regarding the issues arising from the NFL's suspension of four players as a result of the bounty investigation.

Long-term health of NFL gets better every day |
John DeShazier - If the league wants current and future players to have a healthier future, then there must be a change in culture.

Before Goodell, Roosevelt faced football crisis | FOX Sports on MSN
Alex Marvez - Roosevelt faced and conquered a similar crisis hitting modern football. (Doc Boudin beat you by about two moths on this, Alex...but thanks for playing!)

Players shouldn't be only fall guys -
Jeffri Chadiha - If NFL commissioner Roger Goodell wants to speed up the cultural change he's pushing on the league, he doesn't need to make only players feel the pain of his on-field policies. He needs coaches squirming. He needs owners fuming. He needs everybody fully grasping the reality that if the league actually has become too brutal, then it will take everybody involved to temper its violence.



Ranking the 32 Starting NFL Quarterbacks Going in 2012 Season |
Andrew Juge

Identifying NFC South impact rookies - NFC South Blog |
Matt Williamson - A lot of rookies will make an immediate impact in 2012. Here are six to watch in the NFC South.

Star Wars connections in the NFL universe |
Happy Star Wars Day. For the second consecutive year, is celebrating Stars Wars Day on May 4 (you know, as in "May the Fourth be with you"). And again, we are going to offer a look at the NFL as told through the Star Wars universe. (HansDat note: Can't believe I missed this last week!!)

Your Top 32 Comic Book/Super Hero Movies |
Kevin Held, as promised from the podcast - "THANKS FOR THE CONTENT IDEA, BITCHES!!!"