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Jim Miller or Mike Triplett: Who is Right About the Drew Brees Signing?

About a week ago, former Executive VP for the New Orleans Saints Jim Miller wrote an opinion piece for Bayou Buzz in which he confidently predicted that Drew Brees would finally sign a new contract with the Saints by May 22nd:

Therefore, you can circle May 22 in your Saintsations swimsuit calendars. That is when the Saints begin their on-field workouts as part of the off-season program as amended by the new Collective Bargaining Agreement. You can bet, or merely feel reasonably confident, that Brees will be signed by that date.

Last night, Mike Triplett gave us his own take on the Drew Brees contract situation and it couldn't be more opposite of Miller's:

The chances of Drew Brees signing a long-term contract with the Saints before the first OTA practice May 22 are practically zero.

Looks like we got ourselves a good old fashioned show down. The simple question is: which one of them is correct? I know who I want to be right, but I'm afraid I know who's really right.

What do you guys think?