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What Up With Dat?: Fluff and Stuff


Below are my answers to just some of the reader questions submitted yesterday. More answers to come later. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

Who do you think will win the kicker position for this year? Garrett Hartley or John Kasay....unless we are going waste two roster spots for kickers again. - Martin V.

Well Christ I hope it's Hartley. He's got a nice fat contract and is supposed to be the future of the franchise. By the way, the Saints only "wasted' two roster spots for kickers until September 27th of last year, when they placed Hartley on Injured Reserve.

What do you think Sean Payton is doing right now? - Hans P.

Trying to pick up chicks with his bongo beats at Lucy's Retired Surfers Bar.

What UDFA will make the team, What Draft Pick won’t? - Metry M.

Ugh, these kinds of questions are designed to make me look stupid in two years. But what the hell, I'm here for your entertainment. I'll say safety Jerico Nelson is the undrafted free agent who makes the team. And I'll take the easy way out and say that none of the players from this year's draft class gets cut.

If you were incarcerated, Dave, how would you go about putting a bounty on a person? - Bart T.

I would be sure to send an email to the head coach of the team. Because obviously I would have email access in prison. Doesn't everybody?

What’s your favorite brand of diaper? - BR Saints Fan

Pampers, by far. Not even close. Huggies suck. It's funny that you ask because it really has been a topic of conversation recently in the Cariello household. And if anyone from Pampers is reading this and wants to send me free diapers as a "thank you" for the unsolicited endorsement, please feel free to have them sent to my store. My son is a peeing machine.