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What if Drew Brees Sits Out the 2012 Season?

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Let's play a little game of pretend, shall we?

Let's pretend July 16th comes and Drew Brees hasn't signed a long-term contract with the Saints. At that point, Drew has a decision to make. Either play under the franchise tag, sign a one year deal, or sit out the season. Let's also pretend that Drew chooses the third of those options and decides to sit out the 2012 season.

I know it's a horrifying thought that sends shivers down your spine, but for the purposes of our game here just try to use your imagination. I also know It's a highly unlikely scenario but it is a possible scenario nonetheless, so if we're going to be mature fans we should consider it and have this discussion at least once. I wouldn't be doing my civic duty as a blogger if we didn't.

So, aside from the subsequent catastrophic meltdown of Who Dat Nation, how do things then play out for the 2012 Saints in this unthinkable bizarro world? Just what the hell happens and what do the Saints do? Is Chase Daniel the obvious starter or does the team take to the free agent market to find a temporary replacement? What record do the Saints finish the season with? What's your weapon of choice when you decide to kill yourself?