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Fleur-de-Links: May 15, 2012



I honestly believe the word "irregardless" was created by football coaches who misspoke and no one corrected them.

Let haters hate.. Meanwhile I'm continuing getting better..cheers to coming back stronger than ever and fuel to my fire

No worries over here !! I will be back 100% and stronger than ever!!! Will be in best shape of my life!!

Gayle Benson's interview with will re-air between 4-5pm today

It's a good feeling when the vets on the team are cool an give u rides

Just posted a photo

A lot of people asking about . It keeps me well hydrated at all times! Check out for info!

Tried on helmets today it will be here B4 you know it guys.. Who Dat

Feeling Extra Tired 2Day this Nap Might Help

Indy says it lost $1.1M as host of Super Bowl: City officials say Indianapolis...

I signed my tender today. I love the game and I love my teammates! Hopefully doing the right thing gets the right results.

Only a few days left to help me & raise $ 4 our foundations in a auction!

I predict huge sales... RT : Sneak peek at my new shirt for the (defense) rt ......

It's amazing how much your day can change w/ making a green light or hitting a red light Wish you all Green lights!!

Worst thing you can do against a champion is count them out Do you hear the world's opinion on the ?

Youth Football Safety and Helmet Replacement Partnership Launches

Just because you try today & fail does not make you a failure Letting the fear cause you to do nothing makes you a failure #45

Up early again grinding. I've been blessed with a gift and I can't waste a day of it!


Saints coaches begin life without Sean Payton |
METAIRIE — The Saints' revamped coaching staff said Monday that they are going to have to get use to the huge void left by Sean Payton's suspension for his role in the team's bounty system. They also might have to get use to life without Drew Brees.

Garrett Hartley will have to win kicking job from John Kasay - Yahoo! Sports
From Yahoo! Sports: He missed last season with hip injury opening door for vet

Whitlock: How to make football worth risk - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
NFL players are saying, No, more! Fans will be next. Jason Whitlock has some solutions for Roger Goodell. Whitlock: How to make football worth risk

Saints Version Of Brave New World Unveiled
Listening to and watching the words and actions of Loomis, Joe Vitt, Steve Spagnuolo, Pete Carmichael and Greg McMahon lends some positive feelings, a restoration of some degree of confidence to those who love the black and gold.

Mike Smith says Falcons need to change playoff approach | ProFootballTalk
Mike Smith has been the most successful regular season head coach in Falcons history. He's the first coach to have consecutive winning seasons (the streak now stands at four), the first to take them to consecutive playoff berths and his winning percentage is the best franchise history by a wide m...

Loomis: Drew Brees won't skip a beat sans Payton -
The Saints insist Sean Payton's absence won't derail Drew Brees and the offense. One reason for that is the presence of offensive coordinator/QB whisperer, Pete Carmichael Jr.

New Orleans Saints players set to join Heath Evans for charity softball game on Wednesday - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

Jacob Bell quit football early to educate players about its risks - Peter King -
Saints GM Mickey Loomis is a very strong-willed man, as is the agent for Brees, Tom Condon. And as is Brees. So this was always going to be a contentious issue. You're right -- one of the reasons Brees feels so strongly about getting paid more than Tom Brady and Peyton Manning is because he so far out-performed his contract of six years and $60 million. That's a middle-of-the-road (at best) quarterback salary for a man who has put up the best numbers in football, collectively, over that period.

Daily Special, May 15, 2012 - Who Dat Social Club
Bountygate is about to come crashing down around Roger Goodell’s ears, ass, and ankles. It isn’t going to matter anymore whether or not the Saints are guilty, so we can stop defending them now. Because the Louisiana legislature is on the case.

Youth Football Safety and Helmet Replacement Partnership Launches

Lawmakers ask NFL to reconsider Saints penalties - New Orleans Saints -
The Louisiana Legislature is asking the NFL to reconsider the penalties imposed on the New Orleans Saints because of its bounty program.

New Orleans Saints minicamp offers a peek at rookie talent - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

New Orleans Saints' Pete Carmichael has firm grasp of the plan of attack - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

Louisiana Senate votes 28-1 to urge NFL to reconsider Saints’ suspensions | ProFootballTalk
The Louisiana State Senate has passed by a 28-1 margin a resolution urging the NFL to reconsider the discipline given the Saints for the bounty scandal.

Arbitrator who’ll hear grievance in bounty case gets fired by MLB | ProFootballTalk
On Wednesday, Shyam Das will take up the question of whether the penalties imposed on four players arising from the bounty investigation: (1) were waived by the 2011 CBA; and (2) if not, nevertheless must be appealed not to the Commissioner but to Art Shell or Ted Cottrell.

Gayle Benson: First lady of sports - New Orleans Local News, Weather, Sports, Investigations
Gayle Benson would describe herself as shy.


PFT Live: Saints in complete disarray | ProFootballTalk
SATCH NOTE: Wow, what an exaggeration! Did Mike Triplett make that up just so he could get on this PFT Live broadcast? On the contrary, the coaches press conference yesterday seemed to suggest they have everything under control.