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What Up With Dat?: Defense Dominates


Below are my answers to the rest of the reader questions submitted Monday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

Who do you see starting at defensive end opposite Jordan when Smith is suspended? Galette, Romeus, or a surprise player? - Malcolm L.

Actually I think it would be Turk McBride if he stays healthy, and I don't think that would be much of a surprise. He started the first two games last season while Will Smith served his Starcaps suspension. Galette is good and I have high hopes for him this season under Spags but I think McBride is the safer bet and the more likely choice. Anyone who thinks Greg Romeus is going to step up and become an immediate starter is just praying for a miracle.

1) Why is Scott Shanle still on this team? 2) Which WR do you see taking the #4 position on the depth chart? - Ryan E.

1) Because he's good, not great mind you, but definitely good. He plays smart, he plays disciplined and he does exactly what the coaches ask of him. Or he has nude photos of Payton.

2) Tough one. Without having seen anything it's really too early to tell. It should be Adrian Arrington. He's been with the team long enough and should know the system best. But I wouldn't be surprised if Joseph Morgan or Nick Toon shocked us all. That's me being a bit optimistic, though. Courtney Roby makes the squad as well, of course.

How do you feel about our cornerback situation? - Dan K.

Not very good. I'm okay with Jabari Greer and Patrick Robinson as the starting pair, but damn if there ain't a serious drop off in talent after them. I suppose Johnny Patrick is third on the depth chart. All I can say is that I hope this Marquis Johnson guy they just picked up is better than we think, or one of these young guns they've got trying out wows us.

In regards to the Saints pass rush...are they a) placing a lot of hope that Greg Romeus will be a dominant pass rusher this year or b) expecting someone else will be that dominant pass rusher this year under Spags or c) not thinking that having a dominant pass rusher is that important? - Phil W.

As I said above, I really don't think anyone should be relying on Greg Romeus to have some sort of Pro Bowl season. He's young, these things take time. So option a) can be eliminated immediately. To honestly answer your question, I would imagine the coaches are just trying to get the most out of each and every player. Everything I've read about Spagnuolo thus far seems to indicate that pass rushing with the defensive line is a key aspect of his defenses so I definitely think it will be a focus. But I'm sure the Saints will be happy with anyone who wants to step up and become a dominant pass rusher. Hell, why not two!