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Fleur-de-Links: May 16, 2012



Get y'all wristband game up!!

Big day today, one step in the right direction

I see the haters are up this morning. Wen I win this wat will they say then???

Getting ready to head to the zephyrs field for an event..

When you win, say nothing, when you lose, say less. -Paul Brown I struggle with this but it is

My new teaser is up!

Yes RT Will the players sign autographs either b4 or after the HR derby & game?

I need some GOOD crawfish for Saturday... My parents are coming in town and it's been 2 years since they had them

Hey ...What do you guys think?? RT: : Call it: Best NFC South backup QB?

lol yea I know all about that ": they will love you today and hate you tomorrow you know that"

Nap b4 I go to this softball game

Who's coming out to the Softball Showdown tonight? You already know the offense gon show the D how its done!

Had a good workout..

Got some great friends

Here the haters come, I love y'all too!!!

They hating cause they know the Saints are a team on a mission this season....they scared!

Just got done with workouts, about too take a nap and get ready for the Baseball game later on today! About to show these boys a lil sumthin

So Stephen A. Smith calls lebron soft as putty... Yea ok!! Saturday he was crowned MVP now he soft... That's wack by him

I eat at the Sunray grill in the warehouse district it's right off the highway headed home, too convenient!

I feel honored today!! A real treat not everyone gets. Icing down next to the only heisman winner in UA history roll tide

Why over here tellin lies

When it's the truth people it's the truth. I'm smiling from ear to ear. True BROMANCE. Every bama fans dream. RTR

Happy Birthday to - No. 5 turns 26 today!

This dude has sum of the most random/funny tweets ever!! Y'all go follow!!

Thanks for birthday wishes ! See y'all at softball event tonight!!

Glad I worked out already... Here comes the rain....

The NFLPA, as has been its custom in the past, has brought players to today's arbitration at the NFL office -- Fujita & Hargrove are there.

... Also, colleague reports that Vilma opted to stay behind, continue work with Saints offseason program.

When was the last time u "Skipped" somewhere? We used to skip all the time "skip" for 10 feet w/out smiling!

Report: League may eventually release some bounty evidence via

30+ Saints players will play in a softball game tonight at Zephyr Field to support

Heath Evans will not be able to attend his charity softball game tonight at Zephyrs Field. He has family issue (not emergency) to deal with.


Will the Saints embrace 'Us against them' mentality? -
The NFL has come down on the New Orleans Saints in wake of the "bounty" scandal but members of the team and the fans have found a way to unite in defiance against the league.

Tupac treatment for Payton may not be all that far fetched | ProFootballTalk
Over the weekend, the folks at Canal Street Chronicles posted a brilliant item suggesting that the Saints would use Coachella-style Tupac technology to simulate the presence of coach Sean Payton on the sidelines during 2012 games.

Darren Sharper added to WWL-TV sports team; Doug Mouton named Sports Director | New Orleans
"This upcoming season will truly be different for all the obvious reasons," Sharper said. "As the best TV sports crew, WWL-TV will make sure we bring in-depth, up close and personal interviews. I will break down the Saints and their opponents each week, giving the viewer added knowledge, understanding, and an insight on the games and players."

Hargrove, Fujita present at grievance hearing | ProFootballTalk
Given that Vilma and Smith play for the team that was hit hardest by the penalties, it makes sense for them to choose to stay at the workouts over attending the grievance hearing. They already believe they’re facing unwarranted suspensions; why make it worse by missing the limited opportunities in the offseason to get ready for the regular season?

Sean Payton needed league approval for office space -
The Saints compared Sean Payton's absence this weekend to the 49ers being without Bill Walsh. He won't be forgotten, however, as the team will leave his seat open all season.

Arbitrator hearing set for May 30 in Saints case - New Orleans Saints -
An arbitration hearing into whether NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has jurisdiction to punish Saints players for the team's bounties program has been set for May 30.

New Orleans Saints could go after two veterans for nickel cornerback position
The New Orleans Saints could go after two veteran free agents for the nickel cornerback position that they say they need.

Ricky Williams doesn’t believe there’s a link between concussions and brain damage | ProFootballTalk
"I don’t buy it," Williams said, via Doug Farrar of Yahoo! Sports. "I’m only speaking from my personal experience, because I haven’t allowed myself to buy it, and I haven’t been affected. Yes, I’m aware that football is a rough sport, but instead of saying, ‘Oh — I’m doomed to brain trauma," I said, ‘What can I do about it?’ And I just started taking care of my body. I found people, places, and things that really helped me — again, I don’t know what’s going to happen to me in 10 years, but I look at the other things I’ve learned about, and the way I see the world.

New Orleans Saints players have appeals hearing set for today - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
The hearing will unfold before arbitrator Shyam Das, who made headlines this week when he was sacked from a similar role with Major League Baseball after he ruled in favor of Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun in an appeal of a positive drug test.

New Orleans Saints staff can function without Sean Payton, but coach's intangibles are already missed - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Nevertheless, while Payton will be physically absent from the Saints' day-to-day operations, team officials have ensured he'll be with them in spirit. To honor their absent leader, team officials have purposefully left vacant the chairs in the draft room and team meeting rooms. They'll do the same with his seats on the team bus and plane during the season.

Daniel Speaks at St. Philip Neri Sports Banquet

Saints have NFL's smallest rookie pool - NFC South Blog - ESPN
That’s due to the fact the Saints had only five draft picks and none came before the third round.

Appeal in Saints’ Bounty Case Focuses on N.F.L. Contract -
"It’s important because Jonathan is fighting on two fronts — he’s fighting legally and to get his reputation back," Ginsberg said. "It’s important to get evidence or what Roger Goodell says is evidence."

Report: League may eventually release some bounty evidence | ProFootballTalk
The NFL apparently has heard the concerns regarding the spoon-feeding of summaries, characterizations, and conclusions regarding the Saints bounty scandal to the media, in the hopes that the media will then spoon-feed without scrutiny that same information to the public.