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Fleur-de-Links: May 17, 2012




maybe this will get some people attention

": maybe this will get some people attention" wonder if the lawsuits result in more documents getting released?

Vilma's complaint seeks "punitive" and "compensatory" damages. Doesnt list a $ figure. Denies NFL'S charges and states 11 claims vs. Commish

Clearly Vilma is just an overly-emotional dumbass conspiracy theorist.

Can we get a ruling on this from ? RT : Would Vilma go through the act of suing Goodell if he was guilty?

In Roger's defense, Jane Skinner is still super hot.

Jonathan Vilma suing Roger Goodell for defamation of character. This should be fun!

did a somersault at home plate after hitting a HR last night ()

Vilma v. Goodell, suing commissioner for defamation, filed in Louisiana today.

<~~~ TIRED.. 300 yard shuttles and lift got it out of me today ya heard me... Sushi then back to crib

RT":We can only dream of faces we see in the past, whether we actively remember them or not. Brain cannot invent these" So smile!

Times-Picayune: New Orleans Saints quarterback Chase Daniel says he misses interaction with Drew Brees and Sean Payton

I have been told by many I am not athletic enough to do a lot of things, I'll let my actions speak for me

This. Trolling for responses. You're like the kid who bangs on the glass at the aquarium.

No I put my hands in with the sharks.


Saints LB Vilma Sues NFL's Goodell For Defamation
"Goodell had no reasonable grounds for believing the truth of his Statements," the lawsuit also states. "Goodell relied on, at best, hearsay, circumstantial evidence and lies in making the Statements."

Vilma files defamation lawsuit against Roger Goodell | New Orleans
Suspended Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma has filed a defamation lawsuit against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, according to .

Jonathan Vilma Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Roger Goodell - Canal Street Chronicles
Jonathan Vilma files lawsuit against Roger Goodell.

Saints LB Jonathan Vilma Files Defamation Lawsuit vs. Roger Goodell " NFL Gridiron Gab
Are you ready for some football?

Daily Special, May 17, 2012 - Who Dat Social Club
I thought Sharper was articulate, passionate, and dead-on with everything he said…but then, he played for the Saints, and he put a monster hit on Kevin Faulk that will forever stamp him as a crew member of the HMS Bounty ("HMS" in this instance standing for "His Majesty’s Scapegoat").

NFC South still revolves around Saints - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Just take a look at what the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have done this offseason. I think you can look at every major move they’ve made and see they all have a common root. Everything the Falcons, Panthers and Bucs have done is at least partially designed to counter the team that has won the NFC South two of the last three seasons.

Drew Brees is no longer putting a positive spin on contract negotiations with New Orleans Saints - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Both sides are to blame

Hearing on player penalties ends with no ruling - New Orleans Saints -
NEW YORK -- Arbitrator Shyam Das heard arguments Wednesday from NFL and players union lawyers on whether Commissioner Roger Goodell can discipline players for actions that occurred before the league’s current labor agreement was signed last August.

Saints' deep-seated tribute is misguided - San Francisco Chronicle
SATCH WARNING: Speculative BS at above link.

Offense Beats Defense, 23-20, in Heath Evans' Softball Showdown

Several Saints help Evans raise money for charity - New Orleans Saints -
Former NFL fullback Heath Evans was not at his annual charity softball game in New Orleans, but numerous Saints players still came out to help raise money for children who are sexually abused.

New Orleans Saints' Jermon Bushrod set to host second charity golf tournament |
Saints' mates head list of participants trying to raise money for scholarships for students in his hometown of King George, Va.

Drew Brees' backup Chase Daniel eager to strut his stuff - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
He says he'll make most of opportunity to work as starter while Brees negotiates long-term contract extension

Missing stars conspicuous in Heath Evans charity softball game - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Drew Brees contract again a hot topic


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