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Mickey Loomis Responds to Brees WWL Interview

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We've heard from Drew Brees about his frustration over not yet getting a new contract and the lack of communication he feels has been holding it up. Today, both Mickey Loomis and Tom Benson responded during a press conference for the team's Hall of Fame inductees. Here's what Mickey had to say:

"Well, look, I'm obviously aware of the comments, and I'm not going to respond to anything other than...look, I'm with him, I feel for him, I feel with him," Loomis said. "He wants to be here right now, I want him to be here right now, and you know, we'll work hard to get that accomplished."

"This is important, it's not just important to Drew, but it's important to our team," Loomis said. "The magnitude of this contract is going to impact our team for a long, long period of time, and so we've got to get it right. Got to get it right. It's got to be right for Drew, but it's got to be right for our team as well. And...We'll get there."

Make the jump to see quotes from Benson.

First off, Mr. Benson seems very confident in his team this year:

Benson said during the ceremonies for the event that the team plans on making history, and predicted the season's outcome:

"We win the Superbowl in our own stadium," Benson said.

I appreciate his enthusiasm, but I don't share it after the way his organization has been ripped apart lately by this "pay for performance" scandal. I hope I'm wrong, but the road seems much harder than Benson's above statement would seem to suggest. Here's what he said about Brees:

"Well, I talked to Drew wasn't too long ago. He and I always have nice conversations, his agent and us and Mickey Loomis, primarily, are trying to work out the details," Benson said. "There's money involved, and two people have some difference of opinion...but it's going to be worked out. I assure you that Drew Brees will be playing here."

OK, Mr. Benson. Let's get this deal done so the most important element of our team can join his teammates. The sooner the better.