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Fleur-de-Links: May 18, 2012



Rita Benson LeBlanc with . Rivers is wearing a "Born on the Bayou" onesie

Thank you all for the congrats but I wanna thank all of my teammates for making my induction possible. Especially my oline and fullbacks

Couldn't be more happy and proud to be an inductee to the Saints hall of Fame especially with owner Mr Tom Benson

I can't wait to get back in here....

B-E-A-utiful day

Just posted a photo

I Think About Getting A SACK & My Heart Skips A BEAT This Sh*T REAL

": i have been seeing other teams signing draft picks. Any progress on your contract??" working on it!

Shout out to all of the class of 2012 graduates. Congratulations! The sky is the limit. And u all are our future.

"This city has become my home and this organization has been woven into the fabric of this city," Gleason says.

This Guy Bunkley Got my Calfs On Fire Thanx To Hos Calf Workout Yesterday Can't Even WalL ! DOE!

Come chill with Ya boy Sat. May 26th @ Club Bed Lafayette, LA "Memorial Bash Weekend"

Owner/Executive VP Rita Benson LeBlanc & VP/General Counsel Vicky Neumeyer at the Saints Hall of Fame

Everybody is so well mannered out here lol, definatly not used too that! # southernhospitality

In typical Gleason fashion, he quipped about the Hall finding a creative way for him to gain Hall of Fame induction thru a "side entrance."

The Saints will honor Steve Gleason with a legacy gallery in the team's hall of fame

": Capt you have my unwavering support. Glad to see some1 stand ⬆ to the commissioner " MUCH appreciated

Tom Benson just said "in the coming days were gonna have some big big news regarding my granddaughter Rita" interesting. Stay tuned.

"We're going to make history. This is our goal I'll tell you right now: to win the Super Bowl in our own stadium," Benson proclaims.

Deuce on being inducted in the Saints Hall of Fame"words can't describe it. It isn't just about me going in, I had a lot of great teammates"

Quote of the day from working out at FQ10. Happy Friday everybody

As a child, when I first saw the HOV lane, I thought they had FINALLY invented hover cars. My first thought was, "It's about time...."

One of the highlights of my trips back home is going to the Waffle House and seeing the drama unfold behind the counter. Writers Heaven!

There are no shortcuts, you get out what you put in


Saints GM says Brees deal has to be right for both sides | New Orleans
Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis reaffirmed his commitment to signing Drew Brees to a new contract.

Who Dat IndigNation: PERSPECTIVE

Jonathan Vilma's suit gets respect from players -
"If Vilma wins? Oh, then he's God. They should just put him as commissioner if that happens."

Benson Receives Rightful Call To Saints Hall Of Fame
Forget the wide ranging Bounty scandal for a moment and Jon Vilma's defamation suit against the most powerful man in sports. Forget the wiretapping allegations against Loomis. Forget Brees' strained relationship with team officials. Forget it all and remember only the joy in mudville.

Saints fans sound off on Vilma's suit against the NFL Commissioner | New Orleans
The captain of the saints defense was on the offense Thursday about his alleged role in the bounty scandal.

WWL - AM870 | FM105.3 | News | Talk | Sports - Benson & Loomis Respond To Brees Interview On WWL
Benson said during the ceremonies for the event that the team plans on making history, and predicted the season's outcome: "We win the Superbowl in our own stadium," Benson said. SATCH NOTE: Really, Tom? After how Goodell has dismembered your team? I wish I could be that confident.

Any day now the Saints will sign Drew Brees, right?: A letter to the editor |
I eagerly await news with the name Drew Brees and the words "long-term contract."

How much would you offer New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees? - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Telling Saints to "just pay him already" is easier said than done

McAllister, owner Benson named to Saints Hall of Fame - New Orleans Saints -
New Orleans Saints Owner/President Tom Benson and former running back Deuce McAllister will be inducted into the Saints Hall of Fame in September, the team announced Friday.

Vilma attorney wants evidence | ProFootballTalk
Jonathan Vilma's attorney Peter Ginsberg explains the reason for his client's lawsuit, pointing to the public manner in which Goodell chose to discipline Vilma and his alledged lack of evidence.

Sizing up Vilma's lawsuit against Goodell - NFC South Blog - ESPN
My sense is that the NFL’s concern here is less with the merits of the defamation suit and more with the discovery phase of the trial, if it gets to that point, in which Goodell would have to disclose sensitive information that he has been unwilling to share with the NFLPA or the public up to this point.

First fight in Vilma suit likely will arise under CBA | ProFootballTalk
Thursday's unexpected development in the Saints' bounty scandal came from the decision of linebacker Jonathan Vilma to sue Commissioner Roger Goodell in a Louisiana federal court.

Brees’ brilliant approach gives him cover with the fan base | ProFootballTalk
With Saints’ fans adopting a full-blown "us against them" bunker mentality, they soon may regard Brees as one of "them" if he fails to get into the bunker. But now that Brees has may it clear that he’s ready to climb into the bunker and that the team is keeping the door shut, the fans may be more likely to blame the team than Brees for the failure to get this worked out before the lauch of Organized Team Activities next week.

Looking at NFC South front offices - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints made this list of the NFL’s top-10 front offices. No big surprise there. The Saints and Falcons have

Benson, McAllister Elected to Saints Hall of Fame

Daily Special, May 18, 2012 - Who Dat Social Club

Suspended linebacker Jonathan Vilma praised by peers for filing lawsuit against Roger Goodell - Yahoo! Sports
As viewed in NFL circles, a 30-year-old linebacker with creaky knees and little to lose just served God – and a lot of players are celebrating as though Ronnie Lott had just smacked Ickey Woods into last Tuesday.

Jonathan Vilma sues Roger Goodell for defamatory statements made during bounty investigation | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
"All the PA ever physically received from the NFL were the report and the coaches' suspension decision [attached as Exhibits A and B] to the Burbank grievance, and the suspension letters to the four players, attached as Exhibits C-F to the Burbank grievance," Smith told us. "This the sum total of the 'facts' that have been provided by the NFL. The league exhibited the PowerPoint in a meeting in March 2012, but refused to make a copy available. They refused to make anything else available, even under an agreement of confidentiality. The PA's multiple requests to the NFL for documents and for the ability to interview witnesses have all been denied. The letters that were sent asking coaches to give interviews to the PA have all gone unanswered."

Jonathan Vilma v. Roger Goodell is more than just a defamation lawsuit - Michael McCann -
Jonathan Vilma's lawsuit against Roger Goodell sets the table for a historic challenge to a historic commissioner.

Roaf never wanted to leave New Orleans | New Orleans
Willie Roaf is one of the greatest offensive linemen ever and he should have ended his career as a Saint, but he said the situation here was too much to bear, and it had nothing to do with coaching or management.


Deuce McAllister Talks At Saints Hall of Fame