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Random Observations: Joe Vitt Would Make Chuck Norris Proud

Okay, I had to take a break from writing up Corey White's rookie profile but I should have that before the end of the weekend. That kid has moxie I tell ya. Someone else I'm really happy is associated with the Saints and seems like he's full of moxie is Mr. Joe "Check out my manstache" Vitt.

When I found out Vitt was chosen as the interim head coach I thought, "Oh man, there goes the neighborhood!" I don't know how the rest of Who Dat Nation felt, but I'm sure some of you shared my feeling about him handling the head coaching duties, especially in regard to press conferences.

Regardless of how I felt, Vitt has proven me wrong, and I've come to realize the reason why he seems so full of surprises is he's the Chuck Norris of coaching. The first hint is his mustache! Only a man with true grit can wear a mustache like that and get away with it. I think Vitt realizes he's not quite as Chuck Norrisey as Chuck Norris himself, which is why he doesn't go with a full beard.

Vitt does have the Chuck Norris attitude down pat though. He doesn't seem like the type to dance around a question and if he doesn't have an answer or want to give one, he cuts his response short. I've come to realize Vitt is a man's man. He's probably eating Chunky Soup, smoking a cigar while sparring with ninjas. Or he may be rescuing NFL players from the tyranny of it's new dictator. Either way, he's probably got a full schedule of kicking ass and taking names.

He's won me over and I really like how he handles himself. Now that I've started liking the guy, I hate the fact that he's gone for the first six games. I'm not worried about how the team will handle themselves because I'm just not a nervous person. I personally think I'm a realist, but labels do not apply to me too well because I have oily skin and they tend to slide right off. Anyway, back to my point...the team could use Vitt's tough guy persona to kick off the season and while they will survive the first six games, I'm anxious to see Vitt handle a post game press conference.

Maybe I'm developing a bit of a man crush for the guy but, he's definitely someone I'd like to personally interview. Maybe with your support we can get Dave to do some digging and see if he can get me at least a phone interview. Although I wouldn't mind making a day trip to the N.O. to enjoy a face-to-face Joe Vitt kinda lunch full of chunky soup, cigars, and ninjas just like I picture it. Either way it ends up, I think Chuck Norris won't be upset with the comparison to Vitt. By the way, did you know Chuck Norris' tears are a cure for cancer, but Chuck Norris never cries! While Vitt's tears can only cure game related injuries, he don't cry either!

Mr. Vitt will probably never read my little blurb but if he does I want to say this: Mr. VItt you have done a good job up to this point and I look forward to you leading my team through whatever part of any season in any situation. You have inspired me to shake the haters off and just keep moving forward. I think many people will benefit from your no nonsense style of coaching and your positive attitude. You deserve all the confidence of the fans, players, organization, and the league. Do not worry, sir, about any slighting of your reputation as you ride out your suspension. Your words have and will continue to pump me up about the upcoming season! I will continue to support you in your absence and wish you well during the hiatus. You have joined my list of personal heroes right below Chuck Norris himself!

So what do you say guys? To interview or not to interview? Good luck Joe Vitt, may your suspension be lifted and removed from any records.