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Mike Freeman Unfairly Rips Vilma and Saints a New One

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I don't know what it is about CBS Sports writers but they just really don't seem to like the Saints or their fans. The latest post-Bountygate vitriolic rant against the Saints comes not from Pete Prisco, surprisingly, but rather from Mike Freeman this time. It's titled, 'Vilma's lawsuit against Goodell underscores Saints arrogance" and it's actually a couple of days old but I didn't find it mentioned anywhere else on CSC to date. I hate to even link to it, but I must.

The title alone lets you know exactly how Freeman feels about the Saints and he pulls no punches in the rest of the article either. Which is fine. If that's his opinion, so be it. The only problem being that his opinion is based on unproven allegations. That's not really fair so I'd like to present a rebuttal of impartial proportions. I hate to be so petty and immature here, but it's the offseason and there's not really else to do. Kids, don't drink and blog.

The problem for the Saints continues to be their arrogance. That's been the issue for the Saints in the Sean Payton era and that arrogance is again showing its multi-faceted head with Jonathan Vilma's lawsuit against Roger Goodell for defamation of character.

You call it arrogance. I call it confidence.

Vilma's lawsuit is about arrogance but it's also about a refusal to take responsibility for one's actions.

Those actions should probably be proven before taking responsibility.

Saints players keep saying "show me the proof" the way Cruise said "show me the money" hoping that as long as the NFL keeps failing to produce its hundreds of thousands of pages of documents, people will claim cover-up.

Actually, a lot of people are asking to see the proof. Like the NFLPA. And Mike Florio. And Michael Silver. You, Mike Freeman, seem to be the only NFL bootlicker blindly taking the league at it's word without question. And did you say "hundreds of thousands" of pages? Because last I checked the NFL's disclosure said just 50,000.

Again, it plays well with a Saints base that believes this entire thing is one cooked up conspiracy, but ignores the simple question of why would the NFL risk its entire reputation on a lack of proof.

Again, it's not just the Saints base who has their doubts. And Mike, you seem to be so sure that the NFL has these guys pinned to the wall. Do you know something we don't? Have you seen the evidence, because I would love it if you would share it with us? Or is it just simply that you can't figure out why the NFL would do such a thing? I have so many questions.

There should be a point where Vilma looks inward and at least speaks truthfully to himself. We all make mistakes and have had those moments of realization where we admit no one is to blame for a screw-up but ourselves. Vilma apparently hasn't reached that moment.

Well look at you all the way up there on your high horse. We've got a real Dr. Melfi on our hands here, boys. Perhaps you should look inward, speak truthfully with yourself, and admit that no one is to blame for this screw-up of an article but yourself. Apparently, you haven't reached that moment.

Keep crying you're a victim. Keep whining about persecution. Keep calling for proof when you know the NFL can't release it. That's the strategy. It will work inside the state of Louisiana.

A less arrogant person would take his medicine like an adult but Vilma won't. He's going to keep pushing that strategy because Vilma knows he can play the base for suckers.

Okay, as a resident of Louisiana now this is personal. You're calling me a sucker? I'd say those who don't condemn a person without nearly enough evidence can be called anything but a sucker. More like astute. You, on the other hand, obviously had a negative opinion of the Saints prior to Bountygate. A bad experience with Payton perhaps? And that preconceived notion has no doubt caused your unfair rush to judgement.

I have no idea if Jonathan Vilma is guilty of the allegations made against him; we have all yet to find out. It would be unfair of me to criticize him, however, while we wait to find out. Mike, on the other hand, has already chosen his side. And if it turns out that Goodell and the NFL did in fact punish the Saints unfairly, Freeman could end up being the one who looks like a sucker.