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Fleur-de-Links: May 21, 2012



OTA's start tomorrow. This off season has given me more than enough motivation to work harder than I've ever worked. Can't wait!

"Everyone knows the goal - to get to the Super Bowl. No matter what else is going on, guys know that is the thing we play for,"-

OTA's start tomorow! Excited to play with some of the veteran Saints. We'll see how many reps a new guy gets though...

Bucs source tells me free agent TE Dallas Clark, who visited Tampa's facility last week, is expected to sign with team as early as today.

Just hit my first natural par!!! On the last hole of the day....

Just got done w workout at FQ10. Quote of the day from one of my favorite actors of all time, John Wayne.

I am not a saint, unless you think of a saint as a sinner who keeps on trying. - Nelson Mandela

Love being in tha south where we take pride in southern hospitality..My neighbors are amazing! I hope one is a dentist.

Photo gallery from today's Hall of Fame Golf Tournament:

S/O to Mrs Cunningham's first grade class At Madison Station for being a great listening group today. Congrats to her as well for 35 years

Most eye-catching golf attire at the tournament: Former Saints FB Buford Jordan

When some-thing or some-one gets u down, just remember that it could always be worse. Be thankful and learn from your mistakes

I Been Gettin Overlooked All My Life Dis UnderDog Sh*T Ain't New I Can't Stop Ahk I'm Waist DEEP!

Violence is never the answer. RIP to former wshs wildcat baller Travis Martin. Senseless killing smh. We have to do better people!

The power or positivity and doing the right thing is amazing. Imagine if we all could just learn to pay it forward

just eagled number 1. Y'all catch up

Instead of stressing today try laughing and see where your day Goes Stress kills Laughter heals

Bout to tee off

People will perform consistently to how they think you expect them to perform Why not tell them u see Greatness?

Yesterday I saw rocky IV and today Rocky II I'm Lowkey inspired start my training montage cutting into past memories!!!


Gleason: What we take away from football is more than Super Bowl wins, it's the people | New Orleans
On Friday afternoon, an announcement was made that Tom Benson, Jim Henderson and Deuce McAllister were to be inducted into the Saints Hall of Fame. Steve Gleason was also honored.

New Orleans Saints tight end David Thomas talking about OTAs and Drew Brees' contract situation - Video |
New Orleans Saints tight end David Thomas talking about OTAs and Drew Brees' contract situation at the Heath Evans Foundation charity softball game

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Lance Moore talks about Drew Brees' contract siutation - Video |
New Orleans Saints wide receiver Lance Moore talks about Drew Brees' contract situation along with Chase Daniel filling in until Brees returns

Sports Radio Interviews " Blog Archive " Former Saints DB Darren Sharper: Players Hope Vilma’s Case Leads to Less Goodell Power
"During the collective bargaining negotiations this topic had been brought up. But before this topic was brought up, they were trying to make sure we got the money situation straightened, the health benefits — which were the top two issues on the board. Those dragged on a little bit, so when it got to the deadline, this issue of Commissioner Goodell being the judge and jury, there wasn’t enough time. … We went ahead and signed the deal. Now, looking back on it, we wish we would have spent a little bit more time trying to take away his ability to hand out fines and then also be the guy who hears the appeals of the fines. Now we have to deal with it for the next six years, but this case right here with Jonathan Vilma is going to try to take away a little bit of steam."

New Orleans Saints' bounty case likely to get some attention at NFL owners meetings - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
They begin Tuesday in Atlanta

Brainfarts. Lots Of Those In A Peter King Column | Kissing Suzy Kolber
When we last left Monday Morning Wicket Wanker, Peter King, he was extolling his love of breastfeeding, so long as it's done where prying eyes that aren't

Sports Radio Interviews " Blog Archive " Drew Brees: "Until we see proof or evidence I really don’t see how you could believe anything that is being said."
"The second thing is I think a lot of people initially believe what they read in the paper and what they heard on the news and obviously you can’t believe everything you read. I think throughout this process our big issue has been just to see that proof and that evidence that has caused this accusations, that has caused the NFL to report the things they have tried to report and until we see proof or evidence I really don’t see how you could believe anything that is being said."

Daily Special, May 21, 2012 - Who Dat Social Club
Brees remains unsigned. Did you know that? If you didn’t, if you’re unaware of the status of contract negotiations, go read Jeff Duncan’s piece at He manages 850 words without a single new fact or insight. Now that’s journalism. Seriously, you guys have no idea how hard that is. (Gotta give them credit, though: the photo illustrating the article is a hoot. If you’re not a Saints fan, I mean.)

Was penalty against Vilma too severe? -
NFL must prove guilt

Making sense of LeSean McCoy signing; wondering how much Drew Brees is worth - Peter King -
I'm going to show you some numbers, and then I'm going to make a point about why I think Brees is more in the right in this case of Saints vs. Brees in the big-money department.

New Orleans Saints Brees, Loomis looking out for their franchises long-term
New Orleans Saints Drew Brees and general manager Mickey Loomis are both looking out for their future in taking a great deal of time with the current contract talks.

New Orleans Saints faltering with clock management when it comes to quarterback Drew Brees - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

No joy in Whodatville: A monologue by Terri Troncale |
With "Bountygate" and the contract impasse between Drew Brees and the team, the replays from the 2009 championship run just aren't appealing